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In-Game Name: Loather Breaker 


SteamID:  STEAM_0:1:148652638

In-Game Time: image.png.5e90fbe461f71bb596da99624103a026.png

DiscordID: Just Some GraNoula#5612


Describe the different bureau's of the department of external affairs and explain what they do (go into as much detail as needed):


                                                                      Administration and Operations Bureau


This Branch deals with planning and executing operations, this Branch of DEA communicates with other site administration, They can give MTF orders when dealing with External affairs. E.G: Planning an operation to raid a hostile GOI to the foundation. Or other types of operations, such as capturing an anomaly.  They can order Field Agents in whatever manner they think is best.


                                                                                  The Disinformation Bureau

This branch/Bureau of DEA deals with spreading disinformation about the Foundation, E.G: The 75th Rangers, The main objective of this branch is to keep the veil of secrecy for the foundation. Whatever it takes, lying to GOIs included. Another example is, keeping away logos when in operations outside the foundation, especially in public. Individuals who discover what the foundation is, must be captured as soon as possible and amnesticated to avoid a breach of secrecy.


                                                                                     The Intelligence Bureau

This Bureau deals with tracking all GOIs, especially hostile ones, they keep track on anomalous objects or Anomalous humanoids. Containment and keeping track of GOIs are dealt by Field Agents. They can report their findings to their boss, and with specific information, they can decide what's best. It's essential Field Agents avoid capture and listen to orders.


                                                                                     The Recruitment Bureau

 This refers to the Bureau to recruitment of Captured anomalous humanoids or hostile GOIs captured. Recruited into the MTF Omega-12 or Sigma-66. You may command anyone who is under Omega-12/Sigma-66, and order them through the means you see fit. O5 approval is needed to use grenades operated by hostile GOIs.


Show your understanding of the job rules:


You should only have 2 Omega-12s and 3 Sigma-66s on site (You should notify the research department before recruiting an anomaly and they don't want it), If you want to get rid of your MTF member, do it quietly and privately.

Despite being CL4. You shouldn't override the SD, you have no control over the MTF when it comes to anything inside the site. SDs word is final, even though you report to the O5s.

You should limit going to the city as much as possible, you are a high target for hostile GOIs. 

One of the Nu7 units has brought in a civilian who was loitering at GA for an extended amount of time and has been confirmed as possibly hostile he's now in EZ cells, explain your course of action (go into as much detail as needed):   

I would command the NU7 to guard the Cell while I interrogate the possible GOI, I would bring another armed person to search for a possible disguise, if there is one. I would ask for ID. For there wasn't I would amnesicate the civilian and advise NU7 to return him to the surface. 

If he was a Hostile GOI who was disguised. I would ask interrogate and ask question, and I would always have one person to guard me while I interrogate. I would ask "Where is your base of operations?" "Is any of your fellow operatives inside the site?"

Once i have finished my interrogation, I would recruit the hostile into Sigma-66. If I already had more than 3. I would discuss with site administration and discuss what move would be best next.


The police department has raided a base of the Chaos Insurgency and have seized multiple anomalous items and a Chaos insurgency Operative has been detained. The PD interrogated the Operative who leaked information about the foundation and the anomalous world, what is your course of action (go into as much detail as needed):   

I would inform site administration that the veil of secrecy is breached, then try to negotiate with PD to reach a compromise, I would tell Field Agents to observe The PD and report all important information to me. I would tell the PD to give the operative to us, in exchange for documents saying we are another group E.G: 75th Rangers. If the PD refuse, I would try to keep my temper and my cool, and ask them what for what they need in exchange for the operative.


If the PD refuse negotiations and any form of communications, I would tell other site administration if they want to raid the PD to get the operative and the anomalous objects, if not. I would ask Field Agents to keep an eye on PD. And inform for any updates.


An anomalous person has been been spotted on the surface being far more physically capable than humanly possible (super speed and super jumping) what is your course of action (go into as much detail as needed.):


 I would tell Field agents to keep an eye on the anomaly, and try to lure into and capture it, if the anomaly refuses to be captured and not cooperate, I would tell the FAs to threaten to kill it, if it still doesn't work. I would order them to kill it. If any civilians see the anomaly, I would try and spread as much false information as possible. 

I would also tell Field Agents to find out the origin of the anomaly and the cause, using their anomaly scanner. I would also tell Field agents to be really secretive and not direct attention towards themselves.


do not violate scp rp rule 1.19.1

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Ew, wtf?




only knows how to combat "RP"

Current Ranks: 

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