Forton Greenman

Forton Greenman's MC&D Salesman application

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Application Template

 Common Roleplay Name: Forton Greenman

Steam Name: peep

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:167391168

Your Current Playtime(3 days minimum): New screenshot at the bottom

Your Current Warns (10 warn limit, take a screenshot. Exceptions may be made.):New screenshot at the bottom

Why do you want to join MC&D?: I am looking to improve my roleplaying skills, and this seems like the perfect opportunity. Aside from improving RP, i also want to cater to the people of OvisCity to make sure everyone has a good time. (money) MC&D also has recently piqued my interest due to the wide range of RP scenarios it can take part in.

What do you know about MC&D?(50 words minimum): MC&D is a club set in London which caters to the insanely rich. MC&D focuses on selling the strange and anomalous to turn a quick buck. MC&D can be considered the most powerful GOI, as they have nearly infinite resources due to not needing to spend money on containment methods.

Why is MC&D different to any other GOI?: MC&D is purely focused on making money instead of fighting. Other GOI's will be hostile against eachother and keep the anomalies for themselves, while MC&D is in the background, selling these anomalies to the greedy rich and making hella bank while doing so.

Someone has revealed that you are MC&D, what do you do and why?: I would first find out who it was. After tracking them down, i would get an agent to kidnap them and bring them to club. I would interrogate the person with questions like "How do you know of MC&D? Who told you? Why did you choose to reveal us?" after this i would execute the person and make sure no one else knows of our existence.

Have you read the job rules (In the Rules thread) and the Code of Conduct/Permissions in this thread?(One word is not a valid answer): I have read the full code of conduct and understand every rule and i understand every permission i have/don't have. I will make sure to follow these without fail.



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updated screenshots
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12 hours ago, Walter Alvarez said:


I can’t join as my game froze just now while joining, it’s gonna take at least another hour to start the game up again so i’m not sure if i can get the screenshot before my dad comes and tells me to shut the game off. I’ll try again but I can’t guarantee a screenshot.

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10 hours ago, peep3384 said:

I only managed a photo of my playtime as i can’t do !warns cause of connection problems, but here it is.


Just do it later? Or ask staff to send you a screenshot of your warns. This says nothing. 

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