Soul's Warn Appeal

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My In-Game name: DT Major Soul

STEAMID: ( STEAM_0:1:224664925

Steam Name: Soul

What is the reason for your warn: Metagame

Name of the staff member who warned you: Razor

Why do you believe that your warn should be removed:
I strongly believe that I should have my warn invalidated because at the time I clearly didn't know that was considered metagame as it is not specified in the rules. 
In the rules there is nothing stated about players being in Cloak / Invisibility FP and shooting them because you see their shadow.
At the time I was at a pretty big distance from him so the nametag couldn't be seen whilst he was using the Force Power. (From what I've heard the nametag can be seen only from a close distance. In my case I believe that in the clip that was presented it can be seen that I was distanced from the target when I opened fire) So I didn't shoot him because of the tag, I shot him because I saw his shadow.
I know everything I said might be included into the common sense rule, but from my thinking seeing the  shadows of the invisible targets would be visible.
Also, forgot to mention that everything here happened a almost a week ago and I even apologised to the Sith after I got told ingame that it was metagame.


Thank you for reading my appeal.

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I get how it could misconstrued slightly but just because the rules dont specifically mention your offense doesnt mean its not one, it would be expected that you would know that an invisible person shouldnt have a shadow.


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