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What your suggestion is: I suggest we input the RPG change that was added to CWRP into IRP as the RPG spam from regiments like IC and JT is becoming unbearable while Playing EC

Scriptfodder/workshop link: should be on CWRP

Any additional information:No

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RPG thing on Clone wars was reversed and they made resupply system instead and we already follow RPG 3 people rule (atleast JT does most of the time) we get 3 shots(RC gets 4-5) which is maybe alot but i wouldt say so cause 3 shots=3 kills if shooting at single EC and even then there is no 100% guarantee that EC will die from 1 shot so after that you have to run back to base to resupply and then head back to combat which takes like atleast 5+ minutes depending on the map

I would like a resupply system instead of asking staff for rpg ammo tho.

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The RPG system they added to CWRP was stupid, evident by the fact that they reversed it not long after adding it, I can't speak on JT but I know for a fact that most of the time IC don't resupply our rockets when we run out as it just means getting less kills by the time you run back. The only time I will rocket spam is if the ECs are in an aids chokehold or they are being given an excessive amount of OP equipment such as Thermal dets, FTs, RPGs etc.

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The system of indoor RPGs etc is stupid, imo. Doesn't need to be added to IRP and it was reversed very quickly too.

However, I do approve of the resupply system that was introduced into clone wars hence the neutral. It would help everyone to be resourceful with their ammunition.

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Ammo in RPG's should be limited so that people are using their rockets wisely. Also giving everyone, say 10 rockets per event will also enforce this. 
Restricting people of using their equipment is no fun. Half the time in events you are indoors which would in turn mean that people would take their chances outside to spam the RPG even more. 
Enforcing current RPG rules and in the future restricting total ammo per person should fix this in my opinion.

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Most JT stick to the Ammo rules like glue since I make sure of it when I'm on. I see more issues from thermal dets when people are given 10 dets.

Most I have seen a JT restock is 4 and that was myself when I had to blow up Vehicles with the 4th set of ammo. But otherwise, It was around 9 rockets fired in a single event from me.

Although I don't mind having a physical ammo box to go to.



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Denying not because I disagree, i actually really agree with strict rules concerning RPG Spam, but because right now i feel the rules are (just) about fair.

Not saying I wont be looking at it closely and if further restrictions need to happen don't worry ill jump straight on it.


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