Daz Shens SCP 096 WL Application

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RP-Name: Daz Shen

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:540987291

Playtime (Must be 4 days or over): 

In-game Warnings (Reasons and amount, provide a screenshot. Type !warns to see a list, warnings may not exceed 20 [exceptions can be made]): image_2021-12-05_185709.thumb.png.f630556edd890d7f3040fbe280e7f036.png

Have you read the rules of SCPRP and understand them?:

I have fully read and understood the rules of SCPRP from the times of the two warns I received and now I understand why I got those warns in the first place... For example I know the NLR (New Life Rule) rule, a rule that states that if you die, you cannot remember or refer to anything that was said or done in a past life, if you died. Metagaming, a rule that states that you cannot bring anything that was said Out Of Character into roleplay, such as a persons job in the TAB menu. FearRP, A rule that states that you must follow the orders of a person that is putting you in a realistic, life - threating situation e.g pointing a gun at you.

Have you read the SCP-096 rules and understand them? Demonstrate your understanding with an example or two:

I have read the SCP 096 rules multiple times and have understood them fully... To give an example, when breaching as 096 you are allowed to kill anyone that is directly blocking your path between you and 096-1, to illustrate, someone is body blocking a door. While breaching as 096 I must not purposefully look at any other players face on the way to my target with intent to MassRDM, Only my target matters to me. I must kill anyone who looks at my face while playing 096, either RPing or not, I must kill them.

Are you able to play the job often and RP correctly?:

I will play this job correctly with intent to RP and as often as I can if it is free.

What is the containment procedure for SCP-096 if it has breached? Explain with as much detail as you can:

After 096 is breached and has successfully killed its target, containment teams such as E-11 or Containment Engineers will be called to respond to the area which 096 is located. After the units have arrived at the area where 096 is located, the containment units will carefully approach 096 while either looking away or their backs turned, then with patience, put an opaque bag over 096's head. Upon completion, containment units will then escort 096 back to its containment cell. If 096 is located in the facility, all staff are advised to avoid containment units and 096 to avoid any unnecessary accidents... If 096 is located on the surface, containment units are allowed to use lethal actions towards any civilians or GOIs that attempts to remove that bag over 096's head (Such as CI).

While in a test, the D-Class they have put in your Containment Chamber has run out and managed to get to the Entrance Zone after looking at your face. What course of action do you take and what do you do once your target is dead?:

Once the D-Class has seen my face, I will begin running to my target, taking the shortest route to them, trying to avoid any unnecessary 'face-lookings' as I find my target, as stated in the 096 rule book. When I approach my target, I will attempt to eliminate said target. When my target is dead I will proceed to sit down in the exact orientation from when I killed my target and in the exact place as well, also stated in the 096 rule book and wait until I am either bagged or another player has accidently seen my face, if a player has purposefully seen my face, I will instead report it to staff as a 'Force Breach'.

While chasing SCP-096-1, you pass a researcher, MTF personnel and D-Class who all look at your face accidentally. You manage to kill your original target and you circle back to kill the rest. Is this a good RP scenario and why? (Free form question.):

In my opinion, this is a good and valid RP scenario since it would only make sense that 096 would kill its targets in a sequential order, this also a good scenario since its does not involve any rule breaking.

A Group of Interest has entered the facility and is attempting to bring you to their base. While transporting you, one of the members sees your face, however says that it was an accident and that you should just ignore it. What should you do and why?:

Whether accident or not, if a person looks at my 096 face I will attempt to kill them no matter what, this was stated in the 096 rule book. with this in mind, I will attempt to kill them and then sit down and wait to either be bagged or seen again.

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On 12/6/2021 at 2:25 PM, Henry Johnstone said:


simp 😴

Current Ranks: 

MTF A-1 Agent | CI Reserve Manager | MTF E-11 Agent | HoEA | SCP Staff

Past Ranks:

SCP Moderator | MTF E-11 Commander | UIU Agent | CI Delta | HoEA  | MC&D Salesman |  Nu-7 SGT | GM SOF Colonel | Medic  x2  | 501st SOF Colonel


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+rep good donnie had some good rp with him in the past always follows the rules and has a high standard or ROLEPLAY











































































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