New regiment : tank trooper

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What your suggestion is : New regiment tank trooper 

Scriptfodder/workshop link:  



the tank are already on the server 

Any additional information :  This regiment would be like the 212th but in the imperial Rp it pilote tanks , difused bombs ... Some regiments are already doing that although they don't really have anything to do with it , it would be their specialty . In addition , the equipement level does  not matter . For the rank it would star from ST to commander a simple regiment with vehicle and turret learning ... Realy like the 212th .

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Imperial combat assault tank pilots,[3] or tank troopers,[4] were Imperial combat drivers specialized in operating the TX-225 GAVw "Occupier" combat assault tanks. Under Imperial occupation, the streets of Jedha were patrolled by Imperial combat assault tanks,[1] which were operated by two of the pilots.[5] Those perched in the command seat of the vehicle, barking out orders to the combat drivers within, were the Imperial combat assault tank commanders.[6] These troopers were also used as light infantry, trained for recon and skirmishes, as well as escort roles for combat vehicles.[7]

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Tanks are already taken by 501st a branch already struggling a little bit and who doesn't need more competition.

Turrets are already taken By IE who are dying at an alarming rate already and again don't need more competition. Aswell as turrets you also gave the idea that they will difuse bombs which is another aspect of IE.

Also you seem to be going for the 212th Idea when all of the aspects are taken by other regiments some of which low on members. 

This is a very cool idea but doesn't really have a place on this server at the moment.

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The thing that sets apart IRP from CWRP is IRP having less regiments but with more equipment and stuff to do, besides 501st is already dead, take the tanks away and you fully kill it, besides a regiment based around tanks sounds a bit silly


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Another regiment isnt needed right now, and if it was we wouldnt create one which one make an existing regiment like 501st obsolete.


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