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James Whisper

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James Whisper



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1) What is the role of the Central Security Bureau in the Site?
CSB's role is to act as law enforcement within the site, they are responsible for reinforcing the Foundation Legal Codex and for punishing those who break it. They can also assist when more armed assistance is required though they are not focused on this.

2) Define the Foundation Legal Codex
The Foundation Legal Codex is the set of laws and rules that everyone, including other anomalous individuals, civilians and other GOI members among others, have to follow. Everyone not following these sets of laws will get punished accordingly and the punishment for each crime is listed on the Foundation Legal Codex. The punishments vary from a Warning to an Execution.

3) Explain how to utilise the Foundation Legal Codex as a CSB member.
It can be optimally utilised by learning the laws from it, this takes time which means the Codex will have to be open on a second monitor or another tab while still learning from it. When someone has been detained you should hear out everything he has done and determine what laws he has broken and then punish the detained accordingly.


4) What is the Foundation Employee Rights Act?
The Foundation Employee Rights Act is an Act to make clear what rights the employees have while working at the SCP Foundation. It was created due to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 being outdated. The Act specifies exactly what kind of rights everyone associated and employed with the SCP Foundation have, when those rights can be stripped and how those detained can have a fair trial and how one would ideally resign.


5) An Alpha-1 is suspected of behaviour massively in violation of the Codex. What do you do?
I would inform the my higher ups and then try to contact any A-1 command and discuss with them how it should be processed, I would try my best to not cuff him on the spot to avoid any misunderstanding and breach of protocol, though if it would be a must to I would.


6) Explain, in your own words, an ideal investigation into a whitelisted job member if they have broken the Codex.
The most ideal investigation would involve everyone cooperating and telling the truth, all possible evidence gathered, all witnesses being present and non-biased against the detained, the detained's higher ups being involved in in resolving the situation, good documentation of what really happened, all evidence being fairly reviewed and good reports from the Arresting Officer.

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not cunt 😃

ok ok nice try good sir

but dw, it does not matter if you gave the wrong answer since you would have received a free +1 either way so enjoy

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😂 imagine bothering to make a list of your very cool ranks 😂

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Very good feedback from existing CSB, especially Ocasio. Good app, with some  of the most accurately answered questions I've seen. Get main discord role and familiarise yourself with documents.

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