Leonardo Midnight

Ban appeal

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Server you got banned from:  SCP Roleplay

Your name in-game: Stickey // my RP name at the time was Johnny Pringles

Your SteamID:

Admins' name that banned you: i actually dont know

Admin's steamID: dont know

Why did you get banned?: "Prop spam / trying to crahs the server" --- yes there was a typo which shows he typed it in like a couple seconds 😕

Evidence(Un-necessary):  you should ask the anonymous user who banned me

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: Yes, I was definetly trying to crash the server, and yes, spawning tables can crash a server, and yes, the server can be crashed by spawning props too fast. and yes, the server is hosted on my dad's dell laptop. and finally, YES, moderators can break immersion whenever and week ban users by adding "trying to crahs" the server.

Thats is your statement right now. The server was dead and I was trying to entertain myself since there was no one on to RP with. the people that were online were OOC and breaking immersion so I didnt interact with them. I guess its cool to go OOC during server downtime but I have my K key binded to spawning a prop and I was just spawning them in a (very bad) staircase up to the roof. (this was in EZ).  And so the moderaot grabbed me with his phys gun so I cleared all my props immieditly, then he kicks me from the server. so i thought it was just a kick from the server and though yeah makes sense I was minging, then when i go to re-join I see a week ban with a triggering typo in it and i actually starting chuckling at how just cringey it was. Im level 50 and i havent bought anything and it takes fucking ages to levle up to 50. doesnt that show that I have an internest to RP? why would i waste my life grinding? alsoI went to support on discord because i didnt even know who banned me and they said that prop climbing was un realistic.... even though the moderator himself was OOC and breaking immersion. i actually went over to him and said "why are you transparent" since he was half invisible. and then he said "why are you black"..........? Because I was using the default playermodel?


It was prop spam. not trying to crash the server. If i even knew how to crash a server I wouldnt have been caught so fast. You can ban me for prop spam. But the trying to crash the server part is false, and frankly a power hungry trick to extend someones ban length.

Anything else?: Can prop spamming actually crash the server though? and also why is racism allowed on the server 😕  also how is someone like this a moderator, is it actually that easy for any child to apply for moderator and get accepted?

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The moderator also broke rule 1.19

the moderator  was talking OOC unless being transparent and wearing CI uniform is good roleplay.

he was being racist out of character which here is stated not allowed.

1.19.1: IC Racism is acceptable as long as it is executed in a professional and non-exaggerated/mingy manner e.g. spamming the n word is not considered professional.

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