Dr Greencord

SCP-6507 TEST LOG 1: 19-7496

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After the sudden appearance of SCP-6507 on site, Senior Researcher "Doctor Nicholas Greencord" and the Head of the SCP Foundation Neurology Research Department "Doctor Zeb Burg" decide to conduct an experiment that goes extremely wrong leading to the burning down of SCP-6507' temporary containment cell and the death of a D-Class Personnel.  

Test Log 1: 19-7496:



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The last thing that the Foundation would want is gassing up the facility and committing arson. Let a D-Class play with that until his death warrant is signed by 6507. Drown it in 682's CC with hydrochloric acid >:)  JK. Great research.

New Character: Jack Kullman 

Tactical Response Officer & Security Agent

Agent S. Ulgrin (Foundational Security Agent) 

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