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Main Roleplay Name: Jax Douglas

Forum Name: Gauntlet

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:114602808

Total warns: 0

Playtime: 1 day 5 hours

In-Game Level: 47 (50 very soon)


Are you fluent with the rules of the server?: I am fluent in the rules of the server and understand them properly. They make sense and I adhere to them strictly


1) What is the role of the Central Security Bureau in the Site?

The role of the CSB is to uphold foundation security and law and to eliminate any dissent amongst the ranks or to curb the threat of data leaks or internal threats from "disgruntled" staff. They can weed out and search for those that break the legal codex or silence of the Foundation. They are also an intimidation tactic used to make people fear speaking out as a staff member or to just fear the foundation in general.

2) Define the Foundation Legal Codex

The legal codex is a set of rules and laws that enable the Foundation to enact its own system of law enforcement and to punish and detain any member of the Foundation that has committed criminal and unlawful actions within the foundation and it gives the Foundation a secure and fair justice system built around its needs.

3) Explain how to utilise the Foundation Legal Codex as a CSB member. 

To utilise the foundation codex a CSB member should have sufficient evidence and check if requirements for a trial are met and that the Ethics committee are informed and a file sent to them. If found guilty of breaking the codex a "trial request" can be filed to the EC.

4) What is the Foundation Employee Rights Act?

The Employee Rights Act is an act that was introduced to ensure Foundation employees know and can view what rights they have as they work there. For example, termination is noted as an employee being able to terminate their employment due to personal issues and amnestics used to cover up the foundation. The Legal Codex is also involved in this act, for example, Employees can have their rights act revoked if they are a D class or have broken confidentiality. Other things like guaranteeing that employees arent in an inhumane work environment are also present.

5) An Alpha-1 is suspected of behaviour massively in violation of the Codex. What do you do?

As stated in the Foundation ERA the rights can be revoked if they are found to be in violation. To find someone in violation of the act you must have evidence and a thorough investigation carried out and certified. If found guilty, give the employee a chance to submit a trial request to the Ethics Committee and take it from there. Trials are to be fair and not swayed by any judgement of other outside factors. It is the same for everyone. If punishment exceeds 30 minutes, follow the rules and if needed, seek guidance as for how you would proceed.

6) Explain, in your own words, an ideal investigation into a whitelisted job member if they have broken the Codex.

Gather evidence, surveillance and witnesses and carry out a fair and thorough investigation lasting no longer than 20 minutes. If they are guilty, seek punishment. If longer than 20 minutes, demote or terminate. If cleared, release them immediately. No judgement or assumptions should be made before the end of the prosecution.

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I believe it would be best for you to get more experience with the server before applying for any Whitelisted job, most WL jobs require lots of experience on the Server.
+ I haven't seen you around before
+ I don't think any Job manager would accept an app with anyone that has less than a week of game time.

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