i want to be unbanned from the gmod scp rp server please

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Server you got banned from: #1 Werwolf SCP-RP surface RP Self- Breaching

Your name in-game: Minileg

Your SteamID: 76561198104904469

Admins' name that banned you: i do not know

Admin's steamID: idk

Why did you get banned?: shooting friendly's

Evidence(Un-necessary): probably idk. they guy who banned me might have it

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: Good question, i just really want to be unbanned cuz that was the only good server that exsisted i just regret what i did and pls give me one last chance

Anything else?: i can even start from the beginning with the lvl's and stuff

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yeah lets just say there wasn't a reason for me to kill those 4 guards i guess and i really had to go at that time. i didint think i was gonna play on that server anymore, becuse i thought there was other servers i could play on that was the same but NO its eather that they are dead server or its just a bad setup server. But your server was actually good and i really liked the setup there was and stuff. and lets just say i am asking for a unbann request. and i think that was the only time i breaked any rules if im not mistaking anything. i dont even think i have ben warned on the server before, if that helps? i just promise i wont do it again. and the other 3-4 guards where joking around also me and dr.bob if i remember where standing close and talking. i guess/think i killed them only to make him laugh i guess. it was some mounths ago that happend but if i remember correcly i was a guard with a friend (dr.bob i think) and we gone into the medical placethingi and there was also other guards, he was bored i was bored so i shot them and didint really think it through. just please unban me, I do not know what crossed my mind.

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