Nerf JT

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Single Handily fuck up my events and base attacks as Rebel

JT obviously wont like it, but its so fucking aids.

And actually nerf them, rather than just lowering ammo xx

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3 minutes ago, Gutz or Sleepy said:

Fix the Knock back not the gun its self

Fix both! Then we stand a chance!

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idk if theres anything to nerf tbh, we already got less Hp than any one else and less ammo for E11's and i think damage got nerfed too so nerfing the gun or anything else more just would not make it fun but thats my opinion.

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The knockback is very strong and the spread on the weapons is to little aswell. I am aware of the E-11 Jumppack is very strong on medium and even long range. The E-11 Jumppack should be a close/medium range weapon and not be as accurate as a medium/long range weapon. The knock back is also very strong and could be nerfed a bit. 

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Even when I was doing events it was legit cancer doing them with a lot of JT on as they would simply rush into the EC Spawn 0.5 secs into adding them by themselves 

Maybe adding a longer cooldown for the jetpack

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Longer jump cooldown

Dual Wield guns shouldn't absolutely beam people from across the map 

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Maybe dont extend jump pack timers but definitely make the Dualies a more close range weapon then they are currently

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Imo spread should be increased to make more of a closer ranged weapon

We already have slightly less HP so by increasing JP cooldown it can lead to just plain and simple suicide pushes as there could be no chance of escape


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I wouldn't say nerf the cooldown of the jump pack as the point of it is to get in and out quickly, but the knockback and possibly the fire rate of the pistols could definitely be tuned.

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Jump Pack Cooldown would make me really hate my life as someone who organises pushes as a group in TS a lot. 5 Seconds is what we need to push in an out.

If a nerf was to happen it would be the spread and the knockback.

The Spread is basically no existent and the guns beam. But if you make the cooldown worse you'll hurt a core part of JT and how it functions.



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