3rd Ban request for Boris Wilson.

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Server you got banned from: SCP-RP

Your name in-game: Boris Wilson

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:96760370

Admins' name that banned you: N/A

Admin's steamID: N/A

Why did you get banned?: Minging, Mass fail RP, probably MRDM and Micspam.

Evidence(Un-necessary): IRvZ12w.png

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: Hello gentleman its me again, Boris! I believe that i should get banned because its been a year i believe, i have grown up and i gained some experience on a Serious SCP-RP server called Parallax Gaming, I promise not causing any problems to the server or to the players, thats it gentlemen, please have a bit of pity for Boris.

Anything else?: Oh yes, in the past i tried many times to by-pass my permban, I just want to say that it wont happen again and I would like to say that your by-pass system is very good.



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