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I was instantly banned after fought back in defence as two members of CT were mass killing everyone at the CT spawn. The server changed map half way through the sit and when i joined the other map i was instantly banned for a week for apparently mass murder. I could not see whom i was shooting at, because it was pitch black and i did not have my flashlight on, but they were shooting at me which is why i shot back.

In-game name: CT 2534 De5ertW0lf


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Please use the Unban Request Template if you want to have a chance of this getting accepted. Other than that, Revenge RDM is not a proper response to being RDM'ed. What you should have done was call a staff member right away. When I came into the bunks, all I have heard was shooting and laughing. If you take part in a Mass RDM spawn camping shit fest, than you also have to bear the consequences.


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Follow the template, but all the interactions i've had with you aren't the best 


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who cares




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Use the template. Also don't RDM people back just because they RDMed you. You should've called an admin.

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You admitted to fighting back which in this case you shouldn't do as krowly said it also makes you at risk of getting banned which has been the case, as well as that you used no template.

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