Powers round 2

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My In-Game name: Power (dont remember rank or batt)


Steam Name: amrpowershot

What is the reason for your ban: NH2RP | ARDM | RDM in Staff Sit | Constant DTH/DTS | LTAP in sit | No intention to learn rule

How long were you banned for: 60 years

Name of the staff member who banned you: Rogue

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: The reason for the denial of my last appeal was bullshit, I had community support, I have genuine intent to rejoin the server, However it would appear key cannot use common sense because appearently trying to get attention to my appeal and doing some random shit in TS because I have nothing to do and am genuinly bored, Is bullshit. I want to rejoin the server, I shouldnt have been perm banned in the first place, Just because im bored doesnt mean I should remain perm banned and Sometimes I do goffy shit when im bored, Im willing to do work, Im willing to rejoin the community, I said shit I shouldnt have, And I apologise, I go into greater depth in my past ban appeal so you can go look at that one for more details. Currently, Im stuck in a endless fucking cycle of shit in swrp servers because my appeals always are denied for bullshit reasoning and people wont listen, But thats besides the point, I want to get back in SWRP and my past, less mature actions, That I have changed and no longer do, Is making that impossible, Rogue was a piece of shit who is now comm banned, Despite the point harland gave me some free shit, I had also still spent money and alot of time on this server. Please just let me back on, I belive in second chances, Alot of people on this server do, So please give me one.

Evidence: None

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