Hanz Jarnk unban request

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Ive been banned for one week and i accept the validity of the ban

Outside the reichstag i was messing around as a resistance member putting a grave down next to a statue that read, “here lies colgate and toothopaste crumb” then i placed a barrel down and welded some props onto it like a skull and broken wood parts for hands then i put it next to the grave and then it glitched into the statue, which i then tried to get it out but i realised if i pressed it make a noise. So instead i used it as a bell. Then this is were I believe I broke the rules, I got a bench and a radiator and welded it together and showed people it, then as i was about to delete the thing i was put into a sit, the admin didnt speak and didnt give any hints on why i was there it was just a straight ban.

like ive said I accept the validity of the ban and id like to apologise to staff of my past miss deeds 


Hanz Jarnk~

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