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I would like to get unbanned. I was cuffed at medic bay but was following a 501st buddy. I thought i was intruding but then got cuffed and dragged away even though my medic buddy tried to tell him I was with him. While being dragged off i decided to disconnect and was going to rejoin. If i was chased again i was going to comply on rejoin. But i've now been banned for 2 days and want to uban, I'll still do the "punishment" whatever it may be. 

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adding extra info:


My In-Game name: 501st TRP Evolve


Steam Name: Evolve117

What is the reason for your ban: LTARP

How long were you banned for: 2 days

Name of the staff member who banned you: yorchE

Evidence: I believe i was unfairly unbanned: i would have followed this same staff on rejoin and think that a ban for leaving was too hasty. I have no idea why i was arrested 

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You were arrested as Battalion orders stated that no-one other than Battalion + Battalion authorised persons were to enter medbay - you were in there, and a group of medics came to medbay door and shouted at CG to get you, which we did. You were being dragged to brig when you Cuff Extended, and then, as you say, chose to disconnect while we were at the Brig Door. 

If you believed you were falsely arrested, that's a different matter, but you did break 2 server rules which you admit to, and i therefore believe the ban is justified, besides its only 2 days.

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Okay so you made the decition to leave before getting put in brig, it is a valid ban. 

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But can i please get unabnned, while i didnt know at the time the reasons for getting the arrested which i thought were unjust, the reasons were not explianed and the ban is an escalation (my thinking at the time after leaving and trying to rejoin) 

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Cuff Extended I did that by accident, i just stayed still, thought i'd still be automatically dragged but can my ban please be reduced by a day at least! I want to join back as soon as possible. I didnt know about the Battalion orders, nothing was mentioned that Medbay was off limits.

I understand rules are rules but i WAS going to join back in, i would still have gone to the Brig. This ban is just annoyingly unjust, I get since i broke rules but its still not called for when i was willing to comply. I did leave cause i wanted to just have fun, sorry for this. But yeah i now know what do do next time. 

Two day ban is still a little too long in my opinion, i just want to get back in. I'll do this Brig time if you unban me early I promise.

Side note: What is the LTRAP ban reason?

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You left while being arrested that mean you will be banned for LTARP (Leave to avoid roleplay punishment). This means the ban is valid. You said you didn’t know about the rule but if you play the server you should read the rules so this is still on you. You also said your intention was to cooperate after you joined back, but at this point you have already broken the rule so that means you have to wait until the ban is over.

But in the mean time while you are banned make sure to read the rules so you don’t make any of these mistakes again.

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lad its 2 days i think you can live without gmod for 2 days ban is valid what else can be said just wait its not going to be reduced by 1 day its pointless 2days is honeslty the lowest ban we give so just wait it out

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2 days is probbaly the shortest ban you can get
Whatver your intentions were it was LTARP as plain as day and you made that decision to leave knowing it was against the rules 

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