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More Jedi to the rebel Jedi white lists

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What your suggestion is: Add more rebel Jedi such as Kanan, Ezra, Quinlan Vos,  Gungi (wookie youngling chad survived order 66 and gracious doesn’t that warrant a add). 

Scriptfodder/workshop link:


Quinlan Vos:



Any additional information:
Im fairly certain these Jedi are probs coming in that big update that should save the servers numbers. But why not suggest anyway eh?
I wanted to suggest more Jedi but was unable to find gmod models big l for me but if somehow you guys find them the other suggested Jedi were Kirak Infil’a who DEFEATED Darth Vader in combat albeit eventually being force choked due to him saving a city as Vader destroyed a dam causing him to sacrifice to save them, Ferren Bar, this man fought Vader and got a few inquisitors killed via order 66 he was a padawan who somehow survived and put up a fight against Vader before dying. And finally Jocasta Nu, all of these Jedi intially survived albeit being hunted down by Vader shortly after order 66.
Any suggestion without this template will be denied 

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