Talos' Unban Request

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My In-Game name: Talos

STEAMID:  76561198103064071

Steam Name: SpartanM99

What is the reason for your ban: MRDM

How long were you banned for: Perma

Name of the staff member who banned you: Lewis

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: It has been several months since my ban and I mostly just want to come back to chat/hang out with community people. I no longer have OP powers I could use to RDM even if I wanted to (which I don't). I am sorry if my reckless use of group choke offended the dedicated users of CWRP. Thanks lads.

Evidence: No warns or bans on the server prior to this incident. I will no longer have any OP powers.


Current Rank: Force Ghost

Previous Ranks: Anakin Skywalker, 41st LT, RRD Analyst, CE CPL


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Sounds sincere and genuine + it has been quite some time since the "Yo Harland is a pedo" incident and this is your second application for an unban request, so I am ok with you having another chance, as long as you don't get your Honour Guard back with force choke (Why does he even have that in the first place?).

Current ranks

HLRP Trial mod



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