Unban me pls

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My In-Game name: JoshNK64

STEAMID:  (sorry dont know how to get it lol) 

Steam Name: JoshNK64

What is the reason for your ban: I believe it was considered as player pulling

How long were you banned for: Just one day from the discord

Name of the staff member who banned you: no clue

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I basically messaged a few of my ST boys about a new WW2 server i was starting up and asked them if they wanted to join, that was it.I assumed someone took this the wrong way and banned me for it, but i want it to be known i meant 0 harm to IRP or SWRP in general at all from this act and i am greatly sorry if i crossed the line here, though i will say again i meant no disrespect to IRP and simply reached out to a few of my friends. I put over 120 hours into IRP and was an ST Captain just before the update, so I am greatly affected by this act so please lool over this ban.

Evidence: This is what i sent- 

me n fot are basically making a WW2 Military RP server and since u are one of the lads we were wondering
if you would come on for the craic
We would give u an admin position and if u do join, you can choose any regiment u want in the role-request text channel and depending on 
already standing player count in that regiment, you would get a hierarchy position.

I will also note that the server is no where near creation as of now and is more of an idea.









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This honestly seems like he was asking a few friends about his new server and wanted to see if people were interested in trying it out
Since Werewolf doesn't offer any World War 2 Servers (NRP excluded) I don't think this guy should be Perma banned.

The offering of an admin position is the only part were I am going That might be player pulling - But then he goes on to say the server is far from completion. He might have just wanted some trusted people to start up the server.

Ban him for 1 week as a warning/Acknowledgement to what he did but I do feel the Perma was harsh.

If more evidence of player pulling comes to light then the Perma is valid 

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