Dobby's EP application

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Basic Information:

Steam Name + Profile link: Cherry +

Roleplay Name: Dobby Dee / TK 4422 Dobby

Teamspeak Name: Dobby

Playtime on the Server: More than a week

SteamID ( STEAM_0:0:634711638

Any experience in staffing on a roleplay server (Not Essential): No

Current Age: 15

Warns/Bans: RDM, RDA, FailRP, Breaking NLR. There might be more but people change...  

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: Yes and YES

Event Plan:

Create a base attack event plan, this is what we will use for your first training event. Make it easy to understand and original(Use the Template):

Map:  Vardos

Enemies, HP, Amount: Armed Civs, 300, 10
(e.g. Bounty hunters, 500, 6)

Passive, HP, Amount:  Gleb, 500, 1 . Civ Medic, 300, 1

(e.g. Scientist, 500, 1)

Imperial Execution:
(e.g. "- Command inform all troops that a bounty hunter group has infiltrated the base through the sewers.")
Shock demand all troops to head towards the brig for a uniform inspection During this Gleb will be talking to inferno squad and HC about the future troopers and how great the future looks for the empire...  During the attack: HC will display anger and stupid tactics causing mass casualties troopers will be pushed back inside of their hanger bay where they will be told to create defences and bunker down for a large push. After push: If loosing call all troops to head to the tunnel system and look for an exit. Realising the civilians were waiting for the empire they must head back and create A last stand within med bay (they may tell troops to place barricades but only a select regiment otherwise it would be pain for the ECs) If winning demand all troops to push forward until the civilians surrender, Arrests are prohibited during the event as normal civilians may take part. The imperials may use any vehicle necessary to win (within reason/ no more then what the ECs have deployed).
Event Character Execution:
(e.g. "- All Bounty Hunters are dropped off at the , they sewers and will begin to make their way into the Imperial Base")
The Armed civilians will be at main gate rioting about the empires decision to blow up the planet, they will planet explosives on the gate and doors (that the empire placed expecting a riot to occur  ps. I will place that) .As the civilians are acting out of their own anger they will not have a plan of attack but will be forcing the empire into corners they cannot escape from. They have one thing to do and that is gain control of the base 

Event Information: The event Is Made to be full of blood while also being cinematic for the player/ viewer, The event will contain tanks for the civilians which they have gained access too from riots on other sectors of Vardos. Medium weaponry, Grenades and the civilians own medic who joined the riot after the empire killed his family, The riots have been dirty and violent with the Civilians taking countless imperial checkpoints before pushing on to the base, A big planetary issue like this means the empire has called in Gleb (female Aqualish who served as headmaster of the Future Imperial Leaders Military Preparatory School on Vardos <--If you didn't know who she was ) what the empire didn't know was Gleb has been encouraging these riots and also helped equip the civilians with ammunition and E11s too keep them fighting, Gleb talks to HC while shock inspect the troopers before leaving the base Right as a bomb goes off, The imperials jump into panic, rushing out the hanger bay and into the courtyard where all hell breaks loose... The officers stationed within the courtyard have been blown up, countless men wounded from the explosion and many dead... With theses explosions the Riot begins Civilians rush through the gate climbing the countless body's whom have fallen before them. The bloody battle of Vardos slowly comes to an end but who will be victorious...          

Have you ever Done an Event Before?: No

What was your event and was it successfully executed?:no ive never made an event

Do you understand the responsibilities a event-planner has? If so, what are they?:  Yes, As an event Planner I must make Events which are fun and enjoyable for both parties, I must create something which is cinematic while also satisfying meeting the players wants and needs. The event i create must be balanced otherwise players will not want to become an EC next time.

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?: YESS

Anything else?: spacer.png spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png

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Neutral -1/+1

Some Negatives

1, the warns you have gotten are abit worrying

2, What are the ecs weapons you might want to descride what guns they would use

3, 10 ecs are abit much i would say for your first base attack event

4, a cinematic scene is a good idea but the models moving streches around isnt that neccesary

5, You can be alittle hot headed

Some Postives

1, its a nice dupe with cool effects

2, the event plan is good

3, having the empire lose at the start of the event is different

4, telling a story on how they got their vehicles is good for a backround

5, Bringing in a backstaber for a passive ec is nice

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Honestly, solid +1

Dobby was definitely one the worse side when it came to mingery, but after directly supervising him during his time in shock he is unreal when he needs to be, i wouldnt even look at the warns as an issue, dobbys is a changed man and would be a great EP 

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Vice Admiral Jay Murphy
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Overall +1

Although as already stated Dobby can be a massive bellend when it comes to minging, but is incredibly creative when it comes to dupes and event ideas. He's always put his heart into larping and can be serious when needs be. Warns shouldnt be too much of an issue as in my opinion he has learned from them and moved on.

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- I like how involved everyone on the server can be

- Sounds like a fun event.

Two notes

- Consider weapon choice carefully as can see this being many on either side could moan about.

- You will need to have a tight control with so many ECs, could easily get out of hand in a bad way especiliy with civs joining which you will not have control over.

In regards to the warns its not great too see but personally think a decent member of the community and alot of fun

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31 minutes ago, MS. said:


to be honest yeah I kind of fucked up there but it was a bit unfair because there are worse memes in the memes section then what I sent if u would like to see what was sent message me on discord and ill send it. I understand this effects your view on me but I genuinely didn't mean any harm by the meme and when u have eps being quoted saying the n word (quotes channel on discord)  seems a bit unfair to judge me on a meme I did not make. again if you want to see the meme message me privately on discord.  

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Accepted for interview

You have been selected for an interview, DM myself or Shadow to organise a time in the next few days.

Current Ranks:

Founder of The Bois

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