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Out of Character Section (OOC) -


Steam Name:  Relacos
Steam ID:  



Current OOC rank on the server and / or in other communities (e.g. Plat VIP, Mod, Event Planner): Platinum VIP



Age (Must be 14+): 17



What is your playtime (2+ Weeks Minimum): 1w 6d 5h 45m ( I know its not two weeks but thought it was close enough for me to send an app)



Do you have a microphone, is it good quality: Yes I have a blue yeti.



Have you read through the Battalion Handbook, and extending documents from it: Yes indeed I have



Do you meet the requirements: Everything but playtime by like 19 hours



State all previous OOC punishment (Kicks, Bans and Warnings | Including Discord / Team Speak) and provide a screenshot of your list of warnings (Go in-game and do !warns) then provide a screenshot: no warns 🙂 



In Character Section (IC) -


In-Game name (Regiment, Rank then your name): CE Colonel Falcon (Currently Temp EXO)

Highest rank obtained (Including previous): CE Colonel

Have you ever been demoted or striked in any regiment (If so explain the reason): No


What is the Battalion Motto: Lead Your men to death. Honor is better than Surrender!


Describe the roles and responsibilities of Battalion (100 words minimum):

The roles and responsibilities of a battalion are as follows:

    Combat Operations: The main responsibilty of the battalion is to manage the operations of combat on the battlefield, which includes planning and executing operations during combat to achieve victory no matter the cost.

    Leadership: Battalion are the leaders of the base and they manage the base in general. Some other things they do is do trainings or oversee trainings, develop other clones and make sure the base is in tip top shape.

    Logistics: Battalion is in charge of its own logistics and should manage getting things like ammo, equipment and other supplies. This should be done with careful planning and coordination to make sure that the unit has everything that they need for what theyre doing. 

    Communications: Battalion is in charge of communication with higher ups and lower units and maintaining the communications so that all comms are always in control. They also have access to things such as the voice amp which can be used to make announcements to the base. 

    Support: Battalion should always give their input on combat situations and general situations, making sure to provide support to other units within their area of operations. 

    Running the base during Defcon 5: They either grant or deny any requests that anyone has and manage general duties.

Overall, the roles and responsibilities of a battalion are that they should be highly trained soldiers and also good leaders who are able to maintain calm in pressured and hazardous situations. 


Why should we pick you for Battalion (200 words minimum):

Thank you for considering me for Battalion. I believe that my time, skills and abilities make me a good candidate for battalion. I also have an unimountable amount of passion for this game and would love to use that passion to better battalion.  I think this makes me an ideal candidate. 

First of all it may not seem that I have much experience on Clone Wars RP but I believe that my playtime does not equal to experience. In that time I have managed to recieve a perfect understanding of the games mechanics and how everything on the server works. I believe by having this experience I can give great help to new and current players. I am also always staying up to date on any updates and changes that may occur on the server.

I believe that my communications skills are elite and I have been a great leader in my regiment and think that this could transfer greatly being able to lead a much bigger group of people. I believe that I can bring a very smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. I also think that I work great under pressure and believe that my split second decision are always great and this is a good advantage for me in general. I always handle situations in a professional and composed manner including but not limited to high stress or conflicting situations. 

I am very passionate about this game and would love to share my passion with others. I feel like it is my duty to create a safe and better environment and community for everyone. I have spent a lot of time studying the game and the ins and outs that it contains and I would like to share this with others. 

In total I think that these make me an ideal candidate for Battalion and I believe that my skills and passion can greatly benefit battalion as a whole. I am confident in my ability to make a large difference in the unit and I am excited to see what your thoughts are. 

Thank you for considering my application.


Do you understand that Battalion is a very respectable and disciplined rank? Yes of course I do.


What do Battalion do during combat, when they are not leading (In detail):

When you are not leading as Battalion you should be stationed with the regiment that you are currently supervising. This pretty much means becoming one with the regiment, being alongside them during combat and doing what they usually would. When in combat with your regiment you should have your weapon out providing support and not leading but rather fighting alongside them on the frontlines as if you were one of them.


What are the 3 duties a Battalion Officer Cadet has to complete before getting promoted?

Conduct an open training to a high standard. Lead a base attack successfully. Lead a planetary successfully


What rank can Battalion Brigadier Promote and Demote up too: They can promote and demote anyone who is Batt Captain and anyone below that rank.


Anything else?: Thank you for considering my application. I eagerly wait for your response.

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please make a application when the applications are opened

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