Hockel unban request

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My In-Game name: Hockel - Marshal Veteran Cheno (under that character)


Steam Name: LikeItPlay

What is the reason for your ban: NH2RP

How long were you banned for: 5 days

Name of the staff member who banned you: Wanted STEAM_0:0:20093025

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:
- Didn't got told to stop
- he is just a powerhungry super admin abusing his powers
- it was late hours so no one cared or created a sit against us
- Didn't break any server rule
- Didn't got banned before so 5 days is too harsh for Rp-ing as a wookie and flying on a roof

I didn't cuff extend or anything, I was ready to take the punishments made by CG, I just wanted to have fun with my friends and Wanted didn't told me to stop any time. If I would've broken a rule it is not about instantly banning ppl with a low playtime, its about telling them what they did wrong. I did what the other Wookies did and I would have stopped if some told would have told us to.

Just trying to push up your ban/warn-K/D doesen't make you a good admin, wanted.....


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Posted (edited)

-You got told to stop by me when you were RRM.
-It wasn't late hours.
-Yes you did break server rules, you were literally shooting a 212th tank for no reason at all when in RRM. Also NH2RP is breaking server rules
-For the amount of stuff you did, 5 days seems fair to me.

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Well first of all you clearly forgot to mention you and 3 more wookies spent atleast 30 mins just fucking around, but i guess thats the "having fun with my friends" part.
You got 2 Arrests in a span of 15 minutes, where after immediatly getting unjailed the first time you started fucking around again


I dont exactly see how I am "abusing my powers" and how this situation makes me powerhungry, also it would do you good to know there aint no "ban/warn-K/D" mins or record. You fucked around, Washer was done dealing with you 4, you got what u deserved.

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