A request for the removal of Hazel's second 'no-suggestions' tag on the Star Wars Clone Wars roleplay Discord.

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My In-Game name: Hazel

STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:123922508

Steam Name: Hazel

What is the reason for your ban: I assume its because of a crudely worded suggestion

How long were you banned for: I don't know

Name of the staff member who banned you: I don't know

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: While I must admit that the suggestion I made did not follow the provided template and was worded quite poorly, I do believe that at its core, it is a completely reasonable suggestion. I think the cooldown on the suggestion channel slows and hinders discussions with its 10-minute cooldown per message. As you have probably read, this is my second time being given a 'no-suggestions' tag. The first time was when I spammed a suggestion in the heat of anger, which was completely deserved. It was later removed after I made a Discord ticket, promising to be well-behaved and I believe the actions that have led to my second 'no-suggestions' tag did not break my word to be well-behaved. I would still like to give suggestions and be a part of discussions that could lead to the server's improvement. Therefore, please remove my 'no-suggestions' tag for the second time.

Evidence: https://discord.com/channels/457887955692945419/1118913684601851945

note: discord @thehazel27 (347610005127561226)

Edited by Hazel

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If this was a first time thing I would agree but as it has happened a second time it tends show perhaps you didn't learn your lesson... but you do realise what you did was wrong as explained.

It is useful to have access to the channel in case you do have a good suggestion which could help the server improve so perhaps the request should be accepted



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2nd Time it has happened feel free to ask again in 3 Months time 

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