104th PVT LEW

Lews First Ban Appeal

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My In-Game name: 104th PVT LEW STEAMID:


Steam Name: B L E S S Peakz

What is the reason for your ban: MRDM

How long were you banned for: 6 DAYS

Name of the staff member who banned you: FORCE

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I left my computer alone for 10 minutes AFK while i ran to the toilet and my nephew pissed about on my PC and im guessing shot a bunch of people i went absolutely crazy at him, i feel i should be unbanned as me personally have never broke a rule never been in prison never done such a thing to make the server look bad in any sort of way so i would be completely grateful if i was to be unbanned and i will learn from my mistakes to leave the server if going AFK so this never happens again.

Evidence: Currently have no evidence of my little brother doing it because i dont have cameras in my room to film it.

im sincerely sorry for his actions.

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alright as many of you know this is my brother and i cant say much for not him not having evidence but he played five M for a long ass time before with no punishments and i can confirm he has family around his house constantly so it is very possible one of them could do it 

He is a big role-player and honestly does some of the best roleplay I've seen from a new player and even loads of old players and he was excited to try out a new style of rp other than five M and this has put a stop to his fun

overall i feel you should trust him but obv take my opinion with a grain of salt me being his brother and al

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Use have to also see it like this, My brother which use all know as Tay Head Of Bottalion has put alot of time and effort in this server to get where he is at now, so i wouldnt want to make him look bad in any sort of way. 

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I honestly don't think you would've just RDMed a bunch of cadets for no reason. I've spoke to you both in game and in TS and you don't seem like the type of person to just randomly do that.

I'm gonna give you a +1 because it was something out of your control but next time, definitely monitor what's going on around your computer. Or leave the server when you need to go for a long period of time.

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Was it your nephew or your little brother? Although it might not of been you who did it, you haven't actually provided any evidence to support what you've said and obviously since you've said its not possible then I think unfortunately you might have to endure the 6 days of no #1 Werewolf Gaming.co Clone Wars RP!!! 

Have you considered maybe it's the universe giving you a sign not to play Garry Newman's Modification

Also why did you write "first ban appeal" like you are expecting to write another lmao

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Willing to give the benefit of the doubt and give you a second chance.

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