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Mile Kevas HOMD Application

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In-Game Name: Mile Kevas

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:31814162

Discord Username (Must be in WG SCP-RP Discord): ghost_killer

Warns & Playtime (Minimum 3 days playtime.): A screenshot of both playtime and warns is required.
Can't provide right now (Server still has to come up), but from what I remember I got 0 warns (I was ex-admin) and playtime was above 1 week.

Link to last HOMD app that was accepted:

Link to my old staff app to prove game time is higher than 3 days:

In-Game Level: 50

Have you read the server rules and understand them clearly?: Yes I understand the rules completely and I always strive to follow them.

What is the duty of the Manufacturing Department within the Foundation?: The duty of the Manufacturing Department is to keep the Armed Foundation Personnel ready for any issues that might arise. Moreover they can also provide gasmasks to the entire Foundation Personnel for any type of gas attacks.

What is your duty as the Head of the Manufacturing Department?: The duty of the HOMD is to manage the other Manufacturing Personnel so that the Foundation Personnel has easy access to one the Manufacturing Department shops. Moreover the HOMD is responsible for supplying the forces of the Foundation with special gear which might give them the edge they need to carry their missions successfully.

Why do you think you'll be a good fit for the Head of Manufacturing?: I think I would be a good HOMD because I strive to have each zone of the Foundation covered by at least 1 manufacturing (if there are enough Personnel). I am aware that some items are reserved to only specific personnel  from the Foundation. Not everything that the Manufacturing Department makes can be given to all types of Personnel.

Where can you find resources to craft items?: This is a feature I have not played a lot with, but from what I know, the resources needed to craft now are found in the Storage room of the Foundation.

What would you do if a researcher tried to purchase ammo from you?:  I would deny their request, stating that they are not an armed personnel of the Foundation, hence there is no need for ammo. If they continue asking, I would either report this to their direct superior or the Site Director and security.

What would you do if a GOI member (GOC, UIU, etc) tried to purchase from you?: I would deny their request, as they are not part of the Foundation.

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Added some evidence for game time and warns
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Get your roles on the discord and you will be given your trial date once the server opens up


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