Benny's staff app

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OOC Part

In-game name(s): Benny


Steam Name: justdami


Steam ID:  STEAM_0:0:206213628


Age when applying: 20


What country do you currently reside in? What is your time-zone: Austria - CET


Can you speak and type English fluently: Indeed I can


Current total game-time on the server: 3 months 3 weeks 2 days


IC Rank(s) and OOC Donation Rank(s) on CWRP: 501st Commander and Platinum VIP


Do you own a working microphone? When you communicate do you type or speak: Yes and yess


When did you join the server? Have you taken any breaks since: Joined july 2019, taking a couple of breaks. Most recently being active since april until now


How often do you use our Teamspeak 3 server, CWRP Discord and our forums: Daily


State all your previous OOC punishments (bans, kicks etc.) and a screenshot of your list of warns.
1 warn for prop killing when I just joined the server (the date on the warn is wrong for some reason)


State the role of staff on the server: Staff members duties are many. First of all staff have to make sure that all the rules of the server are being followed. Ranging from RDM to disrespect, avoiding punishment and everything inbetween. Staff members handle it all and make sure the servers roleplay can be maintained and the rule breakers are punished accordingly.


Have you read the server rules and are you familiar with them? I have and im quite familiar


List of all previous server staff experience:
WG IRP - Senior EP


Do you understand that you can be demoted at anytime with a sufficient reason by a Hierarchy member?: Naturally



 Staff Questions

Explain how you would handle these scenarios as a staff member:


1 ) You are told by a Player that somebody is randomly killing other clones:

I would take a look at logs and check if thats true. If it is I would isolate the player and tell him that he commited RDM, explain what he did and what his punishment is going to be. Depending on the severity of his actions it would be a RDM/MRDM/AMRDM offence and the appropriate punishment.


2 ) You are asked by a Cadet to be trained using the @ function:

Take the claim and go to the cadet. Ask if someone wanna train him in OOC. If not I would bring a random NCO and ask him if he wants to do it. Do that until either someone does or just train him myself.


3 ) During a debrief, a CT accidently shoots someone, whilst trying to safety their weapon:

 As it is an accident and technically a "finger slip" I would leave it to the appropriate IC person to hand out IC punishment.


4 ) A CT #### doesn't salute you, despite you being a rank higher than 2nd LT:

 Its such a minor thing that I wouldnt really say much. I would only maybe remind him of the 2nd LT+ rule if he didnt do it in debrief or to a admirality member. 


5 ) Someone commits FailRP, but claims that the specific instance of FailRP is not explicitally stated within the server rules:

Explain to them that even tho it doesnt state the specific scenario, what they are doing still is FailRP. Then I would proceed to check if he has been verbally warned. If not I would do so, if not I would hand out a FailRP warn and monitor what he does for a while. I would also tell them that they can appeal the warn on the forums, following the format.


6 ) You bring a player into a sit and punish them accordingly, however they do not agree with your punishment and keep on arguing:

I would explain to them that all I am doing is enforcing the rules of the server and that arguing it will only to more punishment. Then I would proceed to tell them that they can appeal the punishment on the forums



Explain in length and detail as to why you deserve staff more than other applicants. Explain what you will bring to the staff team and your strongest assets as a person/potential staff member (250+ words):

 I believe I deserve staff for the following reasons: 


- Experience: I've ramped up quite a lot of experience during my time in the community. Being hierarchy and battalion multiple times, with the most recent being the rank of Commander, which proves my trustworthyness. These experiances have lead to me being in all kinds of scenarions and situations and having to tackle those. That includes handling poor and inapproriate behaviour, harassment and disrespect as well as rules being broken and many other situations.

- Trustworthy: Being EP twice, one of those being SEP shows that I can be trusted with ULX and that I am capable of handling difficult tasks. I've helped staff members during late night minge attacks as well as other staff duties in the past. I want to help the community and keep up the rules. Make sure everyone can have fun on the server and arent trying to shit on that. With that willingness comes the appropriate competence.

- Dedication - I always dedicate myself to what I do. Whatever my job may be I do it and I do it well. I've put in the work in EP, 501st, Battalion as well as all the other regiments and what nots I've been in. That dedication allows me to keep getting better at what I do and it keeps me doing the job well.

Taking all of that into account I believe I am quite the fit for staff


Current Rank
501st Commander 

Past Ranks
501st EXO & Colonel | 327th LT Colonel | Battalion 2nd & 1st LT | CT Medic Captain | 41st Captain 
Jedi Shaman | GM & 501st SpecOps Colonel  |  CWRP Event Planner
ST VC & Storm Commando SL | Sith Spectre | IRP Senior Event Planner

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