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Is this a Junior Developer or Developer Application?: Junior Developer
Server(s) within WG you have played/Currently Play: NRP, SWRP, IRP/T-RP. My highest NRP rank was Haupsturmfuhrer equivalent to Commander. My highest SWRP rank was Battalion Captain. My highest IRP/T-RP rank is currently Vice Commander. Playtime on NRP is no longer available but I would estimate it was around 18 or 19 weeks. My playtime on SWRP is 10 weeks. I am currently a Moderator on IRP and was a Senior Moderator and Event Planner on NRP.
Discord Name: T.K
Steam Name: God
Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:459897252
Age when applying: 18
What country do you currently reside in? What is your time-zone: UTC +0
What is your coding knowledge?: I do not know Lua very well but I went to college for Software Engineering and I am going to University for a degree in the same field. I primarily make websites both the front and back end. I am familiar with languages such as Python, SQL, PHP, HTML, and JavaScript. I also have a college project which I had to work on for my final exam which I can show as evidence and my GitHub repo. I am always doing my own research on coding and making my own programs and sometimes I make programs for friends.

Why do you want to Dev for Werewolf Gaming?: Just want to help out. It is something I plan on doing as a career and to add another language would improve my portfolio and also I would get to help the server and the community that I have played on for the past 5 years. Be able to help out with anything as most languages are the same once you learn one of them the rest fall into line and become easy to pick up.
If accepted, is there a server you would want to primarily work on?: N/A
If Accepted, Is there a developer you would prefer to learn from?: Honestly don’t mind at all.
Do you own a working microphone? When you communicate do you type or speak: I own a microphone and I speak.





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+ 1
- Software Engineering Student
- Understanding of basic programming languages, which can also provide proof to his statements made in the application
- Seems to have been amongst the community itself for awhile
- Seems easily able to adapt to another language after some practice and time

Present SCP Ranks:
SCP Developer

SCP Ranks Past
SCP Manager
SCP Head Admin
SCP-Head Moderator             
SCP-096 Co-Manager
Onerioi Collective
Ethics Committee Manager
Chaos Insurgency Delta Manager
Sarkic Manager
O5 Council Manager


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