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not mine but for someone called breaddog




its an unban request for the SCP RP server 


Warns he remembers:

Spawningprops in d class room

escorting a dclass by himself 

shooting friendlies in selfdefense(this got him the perm ban) 

he got shot at by higher ups and he shot back and there for he got warned / banned


this all happend in 2021 according to him.


since it happend a long time ago he hopes of getting an unban 


he wants an unban because he believes the ban was unfair and a bit overkill

and it has been 3 years and he has changed.

i know im also just a player so what i think about this doesnt realy matter, but from what he told me i think he was overal just having fun and sometimes going a little to far causing the warns. i believe he should get an unban because the last warn was also kinda a misunderstanding. but then again i dont know the situation when the warn was given. 


so again i wanst there and it has been 3 years so maybe the ban was justified. but for what he told me i think he deservs an unban


sorry for any bad spelling im not a very good at english and i have dislexia 

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Personally doesn't make sense why he doesn't do this unban appeal himself, but eh it's fine I supposeimage.png.46a767096984b73c44edc39f575abccf.png

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