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One of the remaining poems translated from Orkhon to English:

The ??? itself:


Before I start with the OOC part, if you don't know what MFM is I highly suggest you check this forum post out:

The main focus of the job will involve ResearchRP/PassiveRP. As a part of the MFM sub-group, the ResearchRP aspect will likely involve experimenting with memetics and cognitohazards to enhance their effects and gain a deeper understanding of them. While the job document mentions a "crusade," the character will only respond defensively when the Foundation initiates aggression.

Initially, I will operate as a lone-wolf without any affiliations with other GOIs. Consequently, I will need to engage with the local population in an effort to build influence within the town, along with running a distribution campaign of memetics in the area.

To clear up any confusion as to why they decided to follow CHLORAL, it's because he was regarded as their 'messiah' or 'savior' during the Siege of Tiptree. Without his assistance, the entire tribe would have faced annihilation. To provide a more relatable analogy, CHLORAL holds a similar significance to them as Joshua Graham does to the Dead Horses or how Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is seen in relation to Turkey.

The character I will play will be one of the remaining remnants, and his Siberian heritage will mirror the real-life diverse population of the Yukon region.

Loadout will be discussed if accepted.



My warns:


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to be fair i feel like atilla would be a good pick for ??? since he is a genuinely good roleplayer and writer, and i believe he has the mental capacity to handle the ??? job just fine, has also shown passion for the job since i met him


best of luck

valdis romeo

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Chloral moment

Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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Management have reviewed your app and determined that you have developed a good character as well as are a player we believe would be suitable to be within ???. We will query you further on how your character will interact and act whilst on the server to determine its suitability in its current state.

Request the ??? role on the discord and provide this post as proof.

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