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Tarken Unwarn request

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My In-Game name:  CE PFT Colonel Tarken


Steam Name: Alastor

What is the reason for your warn: PropKill

Name of the staff member who warned you: ShadowJock

Why do I believe that I should be un-warned: It was accident i was trying to spawn in same prop as glob Lamda Shuttle but was not aware there was a big one i thought they were all small so i spawned it in and it instantly crushed 2 people i instantly removed it as i did not mean to kill people.

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You need to be careful when spawning in props, but if it was an accident and you thought it was a small prop then sure I can see you be unwarned. Just be more careful next time. 

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il believe you that you indeed didnt know the prop was that big and would get people killed.
but you should really watch out with spawning props you dont know yet, since they can be small but also large enought to prop kill people.

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It can be very dangerous spawning props especially if you aren't sure of them or their size as this can happen. Perhaps I would say if it is a genuine mistake which it appears to be then an unwarn is a good option and just very extremely careful going forward

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I was there when it happened. Normally you should check what you spawn befor clicking it. You despawned it as quick as possible when you saw it being the wrong ship but It still happened. If you also spawn something that could be bigger, spawn it further away and not near people

But cause it was a mistake, maybe your warn for that will be removed

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A mistake is a mistake. Tarken didn't know how big it would be, and as Haven contributed, he immediately realised his mistake. A verbal warning not to do that and how to avoid it would have been sufficient enough.

Anyway, I'm going back into hiding now.

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We'll give you the benefit of the doubt and unwarn you for this. Just be careful in the future when spawning ship props. 

When you're on the server, DM Senior Staff or above and they will be able to remove your warn.

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