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In-Game Name: John Stance
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Forum Name: John Stance

What is the role or task of a site director, in your own words? The site director's task varies from perspective to perspective. For one, it can be a placeholder position made to ensure a smooth and well-disciplined work environment. and for others, a position so high and prestigeous that they can't even imagine themselves there. In my words, the role of a site director is to both ensure a well-operating, smooth-going site while taking certain orders from certain people and reporting to them accordingly. Also to add, site director is the highest rank one can get to or know about in the foundation. They represent the highest position on the site; therefore, everyone below the hierarchy usually reports to them, if not to their department heads, etc. 

To simplify the site director's task on the site, as the name suggests, direct the site to ensure a smooth, disciplined work environment while still holding a serious and important role in the foundation.

Past experience in leadership positions?:
Nu-7 NCO
E-11 Commander
Site Director

CSB (if counts)
ISD (if counts)

Rate your RP Skills on a scale of 1-10:

Rate your communication skills from 1-10:

What do you expect to do while being apart of management if you are accepted?: As the server is being updated, we are to expect major changes done to quite literally everything, and the systems we had from V7 will be obsolete... we will have to naturally keep up with it and adjust accordingly. I will ensure that everything will be done in a good, logical matter and ensure a well built job for the release to present a well made, organised job. after the release, according to how the server progresses, we will have to do changes here and there and i, with the directorate, will decide and again make sure to have a well organised and planned changes implemented to the job while ensuring a serious and prestigeous job the Side Director job is and the position it holds in the server.

As for the previous, known issues of the job back in V6, i will present answers and fixes to SMT and implement them accordingly. Such issues for example; Activity of the job at some point of the server that got fixed by the previous management, Players that had the Whitelist but couldnt RP properly due to lack of knowledge of the job, creating a weak view for the Site Director Position. Lack of communication between the departments and such due to some powerhungry players that isolated themselves from others.

Now you might say that these are all player-related issues, and you would be correct, but remember that players act according to what they see or what they think is right for the job, and it's our job as the directorate to create guides and possibly tasks for them to do to ensure a fair and correct roleplay being done while still allowing players to act with their creativity. These shortcomings will mean that the player will not have an example to work with and create his own persona.

What additional information would you like to share?:management experiences; i am currently directing URF in WG HL-RP.

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