MTF Omicron-Rho

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MTF Omicron-Rho

Main information:


Mobile Task Force Omicron-Rho


Mobile Task Force Omicron-Rho is a specialized unit within the SCP Foundation entrusted with the task of navigating, understanding, and neutralizing anomalies within the dream realm. Beyond this primary directive, Omicron-Rho also serves as an essential asset in supporting the other task forces with Foundation operations. Additionally, Omicron-Rho plays a critical role in gathering intelligence on groups of interest, utilizing their unique abilities.


The primary objective

The main objective of Mobile Task Force Omicron-Rho is to utilize the unique capabilities of the Oneiroi Collective to navigate, understand, and neutralize anomalies within the dream realm. This includes containing dangerous entities, retrieving valuable information, and mitigating or completely putting an end to potential threats arising from anomalous dream phenomena.


Secondary objectives

 Secondary objectives of Mobile Task Force Omicron-Rho include assisting other Task Forces and Intelligence gathering. Beyond the main objective, Omicron-Rho serves as an essential asset in supporting the operations of other Mobile Task Forces across the foundation. Whether providing reconnaissance, containment or combat support and specialised expertise in dream-related anomalies.

Gathering Intelligence on Groups of Interest. Leveraging the unique access to the dream realm, Mobile Task Force Omicron-Rho conducts targeted reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering operations to survey and analyse groups of interest. By infiltrating the dreams of key individuals and probing the subconscious realms, the task force gathers valuable insights into the activities, intentions, and capabilities of groups of interest.



Mobile Task Force Omicron-Rho is composed of personnel with diverse skill sets, including experienced researchers, psychologists specializing in dream analysis, and operatives trained in anomalous containment and combat. Additionally, the task force may include individuals with latent or acquired abilities related to dream manipulation, obtained through exposure to anomalous phenomena or specialised training.


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