Chim's 2nd Junior Dev Application

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Is this a Junior Developer or Developer Application?:

  • This is a Junior Developer Application.


Server(s) within WG you have played/currently play:(include your highest IG rank for each/any and estimated time played)

  • Highest rank CWRP: Clone Wars: CT & 212th Temp EXO.

  • Current rank: 212th Null ARC Colonel. 

  • I have around 3mo 2w (3k hours) of playtime in total.


Discord Name:

  • chimplays


Steam Name:

  • ChimPlays


Steam ID: (😞

  • STEAM_0:1:198241927


Age when applying:

  • 22.


What country do you currently reside in? What is your time-zone:

  • The Netherlands, CET (UTC+1).


What is your coding knowledge?: (i.e do you know LUA, have been a dev previously on gmod, work in a job in real life that involves coding, self taught etc. Please be as detailed as you can be.)

  • Most of my experience with coding is in Python since I learned this at highschool (when I was 14) and expanded my knowledge at university (ethical hacking degree). I have some experience in HTML/CSS and Java/JavaScript as well. I also know how to code Assembly, Hexadecimal and C (this is for buffer overflow attacks). I work as an ethical hacker at the moment, so I use my skills to make/edit Python/PHP scripts when needed. I also use SQL (in combination with Python for automation) to enumerate databases.

  • Below are some examples of what I have coded in Python during school (the code is mostly in Dutch, including the comments so my apologies for that):


  • Colour guessing game: This small game is based on reaction speed. The goal is to be the fastest to click on the correct colour 10 times. You start by inputting a colour that you choose (yellow, red or blue). The computer then also chooses a colour. Then it will “mix” these colours to make the correct answer. It uses randomisation to change the colour of the different boxes every time, and it also randomizes the colour that the computer chooses. It then shows your score and time.




  • Stock market notifier: This Python code uses webscraping with Beautifulsoup and Pushbullet to send notifications to a phone whenever a stock can be bought or sold (these values can be customized). It scrapes the stock market page based on the information located in the HTML code of the page. 




  • File sorting: Simple code that sorts downloaded files into folders based on their file type. It downloads files from a chosen page, and then automatically sorts it into the folders.




  • Discord bot: This was a group project. We made a malicious discord bot with multiple features like: keylogging, screen capture, camera recording, etc. My contribution to the bot was a face detection feature using cv2.



Why do you want to Dev for Werewolf Gaming?:

  • At the moment I work in Cyber Security and coding is not the main task, so I would like to pick it back up again. I loved coding for school and homework. I also want to help the community in any way I can help. Being able to provide improvements/changes which make people happy and make them enjoy the game they play, is my biggest reason to dev.


If accepted, is there a server you would want to primarily work on?: (If you have no preference, leave as N/A)

  • Clone Wars (CWRP).


If Accepted, Is there a developer you would prefer to learn from?:(Only relevant for Junior Dev apps, remove if applying for full developer)

  • Marm/Sooth.


Do you own a working microphone? When you communicate do you type or speak:

  • I have a working microphone and I speak and type when I communicate.


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- Good person

- Knows python and other forms of coding languages

- Job requires to be high level professionalism and while managing company valuable data

Current SWRP Ranks

[CE LT Commander] | [Jedi Initiate] | [Detainment Droid] | [SWRP Junior Developer]

Past SWRP Ranks

[Junior Medic]


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