Imperial Occupation RP - Sever Rules

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Imperial RP Rules and Regulations

Created by Haze


Section 1 : General Rules


1.1 - Random Deathmatch (RDM)

1.1.1 - Imperials & Sith are prohibited from randomly engaging in any form of combat with other players on the server. You must only engage in combat when there is a valid roleplay reason or given permission to do so.

1.1.2 - Criminals & Civilians are allowed to fire upon Imperial personnel when in immediate fear for their lives.  

1.2 Attempted RDM (ARDM)

1.2.1 ARDM is attempting to kill another player without a valid RP reason, with the same prohibitions as RDM.

1.3 Random Arrest (RA) 

13.1 - Restraints are to be used only with a valid roleplay reason. A player is prohibited from randomly placing other player in handcuffs.

Valid roleplay reasons may include but are not limited to: IC Punishments, Medical Situations, Kidnapping or in character orders.

1.3.2 - A player cannot use restraints on an opposing faction unless they do not have their weapon out, weapon is on safety, or are cuffing them from behind (when not in an event).


1.4 Fail RP / Fear RP

1.4.1 - Fail RP -  Use common sense at all times and only perform actions which would make sense in roleplay. Not all FailRP situations can be noted down, so it is to staff discretion on what is deemed FailRP in unlisted situations.

Common Failrp situations

1.4.2 - Fear RP -  You cannot act in a way which threatens one’s life (HP) without relevant RP gain. Not all FearRP can be noted down, so it is to staff discretion on what is deemed FearRP in unlisted situations.

Common Fear RP situations


1.5 Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)

1.5.1 - When not in events, every measure should be taken in order to avoid running over friendlies.

1.5.2 - Deliberate hits or attempts to run a person over outside of events will be warned for VDM. 

1.5.3 - During events / PME's, if a hostile is in a position where they can be rammed (that is not a spawn) & will not cause themselves or any friendlies to die, they can be rammed.  Only if the vehicle type allows it


1.6 Metagaming

1.6.1 - You cannot act on In-Character (IC) information which you have attained through Out of Character (OOC) means to get a RP advantage.

1.6.2 - Spreading IC information through OOC is also prohibited, and is seen as instigating metagaming.

1.6.3 - Seeing someone's name above their head doesn't mean you know the individual's name. This is also the same for comms.


1.7 New Life Rule

1.7.1 - If you die (outside of an event), you forget everything learned in the previous life. If you return to the location you died with the intention of using information about your death / learned prior to dying, you will be punished for breaking NLR.


1.8 Erotic Roleplay

1.8.1 - You cannot perform Erotic RP in any form on the server, and doing so will result in a severe ban.



1.9.1 - LTARP (Leaving to Avoid Roleplay Punishment) is leaving the server when receiving an In-Character punishment which will result in a ban

1.9.2 - LTAP (Leaving to Avoid Punishment) is leaving the server when receiving a Out of Character punishment which will result in a ban. /roll - /roll is to be used for passive roleplay only to determine situations which cannot be done physically such as medical RP. /roll cannot be used for combat situations.

Section 2 : Chat Rules

2.1 General Chat Rules

2.1.1 - Chat is not to be used for arguing or insulting other players. Verbal or Text abuse is not welcome on the server, and will result in punishment.

2.1.2 - Using Chat for discriminatory language will be punished extremely harshly.

2.1.3 - Spamming either Text chat or Voice Spam is not allowed and will result in a punishment and either a gag or mute.

2.1.4 - This server is English-speaking. Whilst on the server, do not use other languages.

2.1.5 - Using the @ function allows you to make staff aware of a situation or a need that you require help with, misuse of this is a warnable offence. 


2.2 - Communication Channels

2.2.1 - Comms channels are for IC information only. Using them for OOC information could result in the people involved being punished. Use /pm, /looc or /ooc to discuss things not IC.


2.3 - Private Messages

2.3.1 - /pm is used only for OOC information unless in a basic training. Acting on IC information passed through /pm will result in a punishment for metagaming.


2.4 - Adverts

2.4.1 - /advert are not used to pass “talking” information. They are used by either EPs to alert everyone what is occurring for the event, people partaking in some roleplay (e.g. Hacking) or Imperial cadets requesting a trainer.


2.5 - Advertising

2.5.1 - Using any form of communication on the server to advertise something unrelated to the W-G community, without Manager or CAT permission will result in a permanent ban.


Section 3 : Player Event Rules

3.1 Kidnapping

3.1.1 - You need to have a valid RP reason to kidnap someone. You shouldn’t kidnap someone purely with the intention to just execute them.

3.1.2 - You must wait 15 minutes from freeing or killing somebody before you can attempt to kidnap them again.

3.1.3 - You must place the subject under FearRP before you can cuff them for kidnapping.

3.1.4 - Kidnappers can demand ransoms for their subjects' release which can include credits or vehicles. 

3.1.5 - Once under FearRP, you must listen to the kidnapper

3.1.6 - Kidnapping is an Active RP situation, leaving a subject on their own for 10 minutes may result in the staff releasing them. 


3.2 Combat Baiting

3.2.1 - Intentionally instigating combat against Imperials before running away, in an attempt to get them to chase you is not allowed & may result in punishment


3.3 Ambushes

3.3.1 - Groups such as Tuskan Raiders & Rebels may engage in ambushes, Tuskans can engage everyone & Rebels can only engage Imperials. 

3.3.2 - Tuskans & Rebels require 2 people in order to ambush.


Section 4 : Rebel Rules

4.1 - Rebel jobs are used to create player made-events

4.2 - There must be a minimum of 6 rebels / jedi / bad-batch online at once to initiate an attack on an Imperial facility or main base. All 6+ Rebels are expected to join the attack; the base attack cannot begin until all 6+ are ready. Rebels can only attack MB if authorised by Rebel Vice Commander +

4.3 - To attack the Main Base / Imperial facility, the Imperial to Rebel ratio needs to be a minimum of 2:1. A claim (use @ in-game) must be made to let staff know about the raid. 

4.4 - If an Event Planner begins collecting, all those on rebel jobs must return to their normal jobs / become event characters unless approved to stay on by the event planner.  If the Event Planner begins to collect for the daily planetary, Rebels must ask permission to be on their Rebel role when the planetary is occurring. 

4.5 - When playing rebel in a planetary event, the Event Planner is in full control of rebel activities, this includes things such as retreating and weapon usage. 

4.6 - Rebels will not kidnap, rob or raid civilians/locals and doing so will be seen as FailRP.

4.7 - NLR will not be removed for Rebels when they die & must not return to that area for 3 minutes. Event Planners can override this. 

4.8 - Rebels cannot interfere or enter Imperial bunks, trainings, sims, cadet area & tryouts. 

4.9 - Rebels have a 20 minute-cooldown on initiating a raid. This 20 minutes will start under the following scenarios:
      - An Event has just ended

      - A PME has just ended
      - Another rebel attack has just ended
      - The map has switched
      - The Rebellion must own all capture points on the map to start a Main Base attack. 

4.9.1 - Rebels can only engage the Empire when either:
         - Conducting an ambush
         - Contesting a Conquest Point
         - A raid on a staff-approved attack on the Main Base

Section 5 : Scavenger Rules

5.1 - All scavengers are KOS upon entering the Main Base or other Imperial held facility. 

5.2 - If found loitering around an Imperial facility, after a verbal warning they are KOS. 

5.3 - You can shoot Imperial personnel if they are already chasing you, in an attempt to escape capture.

5.4 - Scavengers can raid the base in order to steal data, comms & supplies. If you die whilst raiding, there is a 10 minute cool down before trying again.

5.5 - Scavengers cannot interfere or enter Imperial bunks, trainings, sims, cadet area & tryouts. 

5.6 - Main Gates and Hangar Doors cannot be lock-picked. Doing so is FailRP.


Section 6 : Civilian Rules

6.1 - Civilians are in neutral roles, this means they may choose to participate in illegal activities (making drugs, kidnapping etc.)

6.2 - Civilians have the freedom to create any reasonable source of income for themselves whether that is through legal (Doctor, miner, mechanic etc.) avenues or illegal (selling drugs, mugging etc.) avenues.

6.3 - Any civilian without authorization to be on the main base is KOS. 


Section 7 : Event Character Rules

7.1 - Being an event character isn’t an opportunity to mess around, you should always take whatever role you're given seriously and you can still receive OOC punishments for breaking rules as an event character.

7.2 - When playing as an event character you always listen to the EP and do whatever they say. It is their event and they have the option to kick you out if they see fit.

7.3 - As an event character you still must follow the basic rules of the server. RDM still applies to event characters, if you are seen shooting your friendlies you will be warned.

7.4 - Fear RP applies to event characters excluding droids. 

7.5 - In order to charge into a group of Imperials, you must be in a group of 3 or more otherwise it will be considered combat rushing.


Section 8 : Jedi Event Character Rules

8.1 - Jedi event characters have the ability to change their saber length, hilt and also have access to a large range of force powers, you may only use what the EP has told you to use, disobeying will result in a blacklist. 

8.2 - Jedi EC provides you more freedom with RP, you decide how you negotiate and when you fight. However if the event is being drawn out for too long by leaping around or long negotiations the EP may ask you to speed things up or force combat.


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