SCP-457 nerf

nerf scp-457  

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  1. 1. Nerf scp-457

    • yes nerf it
    • no dont nerf it

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We all know that scp-457 is almost unpossible to recontain as B-7 and E-11 it can make you stuck and kill you or it will be so tiny you cant even see him true the flamse i thought to make this topic to make this aware to admins on the server so i think the best option is not to make the sise 0.5 by 0.5 to 3 by 3 so its a even fight against the scp cause now its just suicide to recontain and that we even wait for the timer to be over with 

made by the dead man, braun strowman

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2 hours ago, Nathan Kennedy said:

Just remove him he doesn't do anything and is impossible to do research on.

Pretty true, you cant interview him, and all that happens when you test is. FIRE FIRE, OH GOD FIRE
And to be honest it's my favourite CC but you can't build in it as his stupid range fucks you. 
+1 to removing it. 

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6 minutes ago, Mark Kuntson said:

Replace him with a SCP that has Research RP potential, I have tons in mind.

Is there a chance that one of the SCPs that you've got in mind is SCP-1370? Because everyone loved that SCP.



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6 hours ago, Mark Kuntson said:

Funny didn't laugh

you literally roleplay that your bald on the internet, no wonder you have a dry sense of humor.

Highly agree with the removal of the SCP entirely, even with the cool breaching functionality (Growing bigger) it's still quite a bland SCP.  I believe more SCP entities would be beneficial for the server.


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On 7/8/2020 at 5:31 PM, Nathan Kennedy said:

Just remove him he doesn't do anything and is impossible to do research on.

even just making it impossible to burn people through walls wud be an improvement

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so we all agree to get it removed/nerfed?

so if you whant i can make this thread to a higer state and put in scp-disscusion

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Yep I agree remove it or nerf it or at least make it so you cant get stuck in it cause this SCP is not even fun to contain its more annoying then anything

Ideas for Nerf:

Make it so it cannot make you stuck

Add a limit to how big it can get!

Make it so you can actual go into the area around the chamber without being set on fire


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