Please unban me

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Yesterday i got arested in a event but my game crashed and i started my game up and then i got banned because my game got crashed! Thank you Orange Clone trooper

My name is Wolff in Starwar RP i hope i get unbanned 

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use the unban template.


My In-Game name:

STEAMID: (http://steamidfinder.com)

Steam Name:

What is the reason for your ban:

How long were you banned for:

Name of the staff member who banned you:

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:




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Follow the template please, and judging by what you said, im afraid im going to have to doubt, staff can see the way you left the server, they wouldnt have banned you if you crashed.

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1 hour ago, Kvisten said:

use the unban template.


My In-Game name: Wolff

STEAMID: (http://steamidfinder.com) 76561198317066431/

Steam Name: Peter.Willemse

What is the reason for your ban: i think i got arested and my game got crashed but nobody believes me

How long were you banned for: 2 days

Name of the staff member who banned you: i dont realy now but i think it was the leader of the orange clone troopers

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: my game got crashet if i can go back i wil sit in jail but now i cant because i cant join

Evidence: i dont have evidence because i didnt know it that i got banned 


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Using the Logging system that werwolf uses, it can show you how the person disconnected (e.g Clicking Disconnect shows as Disconnect by User, Network going down Connection Lost), If your game crashes it shows as Steam Auth Ticket Failed i believe so


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Wait it out SMT aint replying withing 2 days.

Also staff can always see if u crashed or disconnected.

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I hate that as soon as someone gets banned for LTAP they go to the forums and cry over a 2 days ban. Seriously just take the L and wait those 2 days. You literally cant lie here since staff can check the logs and it will tell them if you crashed or disconnected. Not once did staff accidently ban someone for this.

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As BattleCat said it would've been easier if you had just waited out the two days, even though your ban was still justified.

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