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Class D Union

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Class D Union


"Should we allow these people to test on real people as if they don't exist?"



The second world war had ended a few years ago and the Foundation was at a peak of its success. More anomalous objects were being found every day, and with more objects comes the need for more testing. Every SCP site was full to the brim with the anomalous but also security staff, researchers and D class personnel. The Foundation had crushed most of its existing GOIs to the point where they could barely be considered a GOI, and what was left looked great in the eye of the Foundation. No competition and a lot of objects were contained. But with their eyes focusing on the GOIs movement, making sure they are gone for good, multiple D class personnel were able to escape, whether through GOI agents or making a master plan and slipping out unnoticed, and slowly there were a lot of escaped D class spreading the word of the Foundation's existence to the outside world. The Foundation, of course, didn't notice. 

The CDU was truly founded in May 1967 in Ukraine where multiple D class and civilians from across the world decided to come together and talk about what they know and what they should do. The Foundation had 2 field agents sent to the location complete with fake IDs and passports after they noticed the sudden movement of people who had matching names to those of former D class personnel. The 2 field agents were not enough to stop the 100 odd people who decided to come that day. Who knew how many were D class, but all they knew at that time is that this is going to be the construction of a new GOI. Normal people decided to fight for what they thought was right to stop all the kidnappings, the slaughters, the unethical testing. But they didn't know they were getting into something much bigger, something known as the CDU. 

In the next 5 years, there would be multiple uprisings and raids performed on Foundation facilities and the Foundation lost almost 250 D class to them. Something had to be done against them, and so an MTF squad Sigma-9 'Valkyries' was created to handle the threat. Similar to Nu-7, but smaller in size and with less vehicles, S-9 would raid suspected CDU facilities and locations while keeping under the guise of being an armed law enforcement squad. The CDU was considerably weakened by this and raids decreased in frequency and strength. It fell to about the strength of the current CI and went into hiding in order to preserve manpower and resources. Raids were now few and far between, varying in strength and tactics, most being stealthy infiltration missions in order to retrieve a few D class who got into an organised location. They continue to this day to attempt to wreak havoc upon the Foundation and stop the testing.



The CDU believes in stopping the testing on humans that the Foundation does. They do not wish for all these 'end of the world anomalies' to escape and think that they can do it without the D class. Many times have they attempted to negotiate them out but, the Foundation being as stubborn as they are, decline 'in the name of humanity'. They co-operate with GOIs such as CI and CotBG, as long as they don't interfere with the D class. They may use anomalies to help them but do not wish to alter themselves or other drastically, such as using 016 or touching the orb, but they will use the armourer or the key.



Foundation - Open combat

CI - Neutral/Friendly

CotBG - Neutral/Friendly

TCS - Friendly

GOC - Neutral/Hostile



CDU Convert - 3 slots - A member of the public who pledged their allegiance to helping the CDU - AK-74, PM, Restraints, Smoke and flash grenades, hacking card, lockpick - VIP/PlatVIP, level 35

CDU Operative - 3 slots - A full time operative in CDU who may have been a former D class - AK-74, DB shotgun, PM, restraints, smoke and flash grenades, hacking card, lockpick - given convert SWEP - WL level 40+, all members in the RP Group get the WL

CDU Leader - 1 slot - A high ranking member of the Class D union, who has power over all the current OvisCity CDU assets - HAMR, AK-74, PM, Restraints, Frag grenades, hacking card, lockpick - given convert SWEP - WL chosen in RP group for specific members (like prophet, karcist or delta)

I know there is only 7 slots because they are able to convert D class to their side in order to assist them, and if they get 3 D class when all slots are filled there are 10 CDU members which is a lot, so it's only 7.


Management and notes

Owner - Nathan Dixon

Co-owner - Unknown, I have some ideas but it is open for people who play D class often and also play GOIs such as CI.

Manager - Same as above

Yes, this is my own GOI and I wrote all of it without copy and paste. It's designed to help D class when they escape so they aren't just on their own, opening GA/GG/MT if they have a card for CI. Convert SWEP can give them better guns and most members should have it, so D class can be armed (if they escape. That'll be a rule, because giving the D class guns while inside the CDC is very FailRP). 

I know this probably won't be accepted, seeing as we have GOC coming and whatnot. But this exists if it ever wants to get added in the future. I won't add an application until it gets accepted as I don't want to write it and just have it all wasted as it doesn't get accepted.


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Should've just suggested an Ethics Committee but for CI

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unlike some monkies im going to be honest


really dumb idea, so -1,  D Class Union just wouldnt work even as an april fools joke

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