fedor kiselev o5 application

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basic info

ingame name fedor kiselev (may be changed to agent fedor kiselev sd fedor kislev ore dr fedor kiselev)
steam id  STEAM_0:0:138083386
age 29

playtime 5 days 2 hours 15 min as per the time of writing

warns 3

rate my rp skills 8/10


my o5 disignation o5-6 the experimentor

why do i belive i sould be a part of it i dont have the best ledership skills but i have diferet skill and i have played site director a lot of times. So i have above average lidership skills but i have a lot of scp rp experience i have played a lot of it. And i have like maybe 10+ hours as sd and i  ok at the job of corse not the best but good, but normally i have problems with people not lisening to me becose ther is alredy a higher rank than me and it kinda makes  me learn how to me a better manager (sd ore o5) slower but i have decided to  try out the o5 job and i hope i will be able to try it soon. And as soon as i get whitelisted i will start playing as o5.  I hope i will become an o5 as i would really enjoy  playing. And i would try my best to learn btter manegment so i can better play as o5 and i would learn more and more untill i get really good as o5 and would learn from my mistakes as sd and would improbe my lidership skills so i can get better at my job and i hope i will learn a lot from the o5 job. I will comit mistakes as leting ci spies enter ore making unfair decisions but i will learn from them and find better soulutions than just to lisen to them. example: as sd i have sometimes made infuair decisions for the jail time like giving a person who deserved 5 min 1 minit but i learned from them and i got better as sd and i will do the same as o5 commit accidental mistakes and learn from them and after i will comit more but i will learn .

 how many o5 members are in the scp univers that are known but not on record as per my knolage o5-13 tie breaker is not real but is actually used to breakes vote ties and everione outside of the o5 council is told that 05-13 tie breaker is real. o5-13 tie breaker is used to breake ties and his vote is changed each time a vote tie happens and is changed to the next o5. 05-13 ai complex is supposed to be an ai helping to decide major decisions in the scp foundation becose of some concequences he is being used only when the o5 councill needs to breake a tie ore non-trivial matter. and there are secrets that the foundation dosent whant people to know about it.

comment i hope you have also enjoyed reading this, i have put in reserch i read.

what does an o5 does for the foundation and why he is diferent from any site administrator  an o5 council memeber votes for a majore decision and supervise the sites. if anithing goes wrong they have to know. and they keep the foundation in order. and chose how to controll a site if there is a breach they have to chose if to nuke the site ore if not to nuke the site. o5 members difere from any site administrator in the clerance and the importance the site director has to lisen to an o5 member without thre being a vote in the o5 concil and they are the most important people in the scp foundation. they decide if to raid  whe and how the enemies of the foundation low clerance staff dont even know that the o5 council exists. They alzo chose the site direstors in each site and look at their preformance and may change any site director for not being able to do his requirements. they difere from any administrator becose they know everithing the foundation knows. And they also differe from administartor becose they have the clerance to start an alpha ore omega warhead. the o5 council  also diferes from the administrators becose they have their own mtf squad alpha-1 codenamed ''red right hand''  that is loyal to them. the o5 decided if to put 2 scps into battle ore not they also decide if to terminate extremly dangerus scps ore not. They are the first yo evacuate in a breach. they can not come in contact whith any scp as they are to important. and even site adminitrators dont know some secrets hiden from them by the o5 council. they sometimes change from site to see how th how the other sites are doing  and to se how everione worksorks. they and alpha 1 are the only ones who can give the order of using an omega warhead ore and alpha warhead.

what makes me special  well im not the best at managing a site but i am geting better each time i play. I have played a lot i know how to manage the site but im not the best but each time i play and comit accidental mistakes i get better and better and if i get the o5 role i will improve my skills. i have a lot of  site director experiance but as site director if i comited a mistake they could just arest me but that still helps me improve them but not so much. and i have experience in security in the science team in the administration in the personel but i would also like to see how its like to play as o5 so i can learn more in managing a site. i also know how to strategise a rescue example: someone is kidnaping me and i tell in comms for all security to go to the lcz checkpoit so the kidnapers have no choise but to fight.

how to start a nuke well from what i know you need to first evacuate all personel and a few mtf have to go inside and  start it after it has been started they have to imidiatly evacuate the site. nukes sould only be used if keter class scps have breached and are near the gate ore if 096 has breached and is at the gate.

what are the rules for o5 nobody can know your identety you cant get in dangerus situations intentionally and you cant come in contact with any anomalie
why would i like to role play as o5 i have been playig a lot of sd and i really enjoyed controlling a site but i had limitations and i would really like to see the nuke room as i only saw it 1 time i would also reaally like to have controll over the site.

comment sorry im a bad writer and im not english but still i have been working hard on this application i hope it whas good and you enjoyed reading it. i have put a lot of hard work and efort


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comment for the people reading it
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4 minutes ago, [ Twinkles ] said:

@Breadstole my picture u mong, imma hunt u down untill I get that +rep


Anyway ye you shouldn't be saying anything about applications once u submitted em even for a O5 application.  Job manager might overlook it depending on how severe they might see the infraction but GL

Ok thanks for telling me

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@Norra He was declined on multiple applications in a different SCP game because he claimed he was 29. His application standard seems to be the same on every application he writes, minimal effort.


Now, my opinion on his application:

Though unlike the 35 word applications he done on the other SCP game, he actually put a little bit of effort into this one. Sadly, I don't think he has enough experience to become o5.


While it is obvious that you have an eagerness to roleplay, I do not think that you would be a suitable member of the o5 council. Consider applying for a smaller job first, ensuring you follow all English grammar and literature rules while writing it.


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