SCP 610

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SCP 610 - KETER - 

SCP 610 Hp: 2500

Speed: Normal human speed

Infection Speed: 30 Seconds

Secondary attack damage: 15 or 10 HP Per hit

Symptoms while transforming: Slowness and Nausea

Acceses level: Clearence 4 

Containment Zone: Lower HCZ 

SCP 610 Minion hp: 1500

Wait per secondary attack: 2 Seconds

First Attack (Infection Attack): 1 Second

When infected you get stripped of your weapons or not be able to equip or use it.

When SCP 610 It spreads something like SCP 106s corrosive trail but this one should be like some sort of meat.

Breach time: 50 Minutes as it is a much more dangerous SCP


If this gets accepted you can decide if it should be a Whitelisted Job or a LVL 50 Platinum VIP Job

I feel like if it is Platinum VIP And LVL 50 Someone could just buy 50 levels and platinum vip and start minging with SCP 610

And if it is Whitelisted you need permission to have it, (And if this gets accepted can i get an whitelist because i am the one who suggested this job?)


If it needs to be whitelisted you may come up with requirements! I hope you like my suggestion


If you dislike or feel that some things in this is a bit wrong you may change after your own opinion like breach time or clearence level or any other time things thanks for reading




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-1 lol


why is this needed?  what does this add?  why is the breach timer longer?  where will this be located on current map besides “lower hcz”?  just doesnt make sense to add this

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We already have 2 infections on the server.

There's no room for this SCP on the current map.

It requiring Cl 4 to access would mean there's like NO research on it.

Both the original and the minion have FAR too much health. The minion especially, since it's an infection like 008.

It seems this SCP was only suggested because OP wanted an unbeatable SCP to breach as.


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SCP-610 "The Flesh That Hates"

iI dont think we need 610 cause we already have 049 and 008 so yea Second of all it's CL4 Thats really dumb and yea i dont think it isnt even in SIte 19 it's containt at Lake Baikal LOL

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This SCP does not make sense because its contained on site in Russia. its impossible to contain in a facility because the fleshy growth takes over buildings of any material 

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