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Disclaimer: The suggested SCP is not humanoid or a living creature, it is to slightly reshape SurfaceRP/ResearchRP and bring production of anomalous to the server. 



Object Class: Euclid


SCP-474 denominates pills produced for non-medicinal purposes by Alexylva University in apparent collaboration with the Oneiroi Collective.

Blue - Generic sugar-based placebo pills.

When ingested, SCP-474 will affect the consumer until the next time they enter REM sleep. Audio broadcast from Alexylva University will begin playing through their mouths, consisting of station breaks and notes associated with that campus radio station. This spoken-word programming will be in the subject's native language, with mute subjects mouthing words and DHH individuals enunciating as they would attempting speech normally.

Although music is frequently referenced, it has not been broadcast audibly. Affected individuals who remember their dreams will report them as having a heavy musical theme. Dreamers, even musicians, have been unable to replicate the sounds they heard but have universally described it as some variation of 'trippy'.

SCP-474 was discovered after a local broadcast news station in [REDACTED] aired a story about a 'drug craze' at a local community college campus. Sixty-five(65) instances of SCP-474 were recovered from various members of the student body. Since then, approximately fifty(50) caches of SCP-474 have recovered annually from various college and university campuses in North Africa, North America, Europe, Eurasia, Oceania, and Australia.

Foundation personnel working on SCP-474 who receive recruitment literature from Alexylva University in their dreams are to report to their supervisors immediately upon waking. 

The drug can be occasionally utilized as a fatal weapon, to eliminate the agitators. 

Location: Possibly LCZ, or HCZ as new players may find and consume it without the knowledge of its effects. 


Utilization of SCP-474 may vary on the creativity of the researcher, therefore, I will be demonstrating only one example. As very little is known about Alexylva University and Oneiroi Collective, The Foundation will apply to discovery and testing experiments. For instance, a researcher will have a Class-D to consume the drug and examine the outcome and report of the Class-D on his experience. 


  • Dancing while tearing their eyes out.
  • Headache, nausea, dizziness, and fainting. 
  • Physical wounds (spear, sword, axe or gunshot wounds)
  • Loss of sight, speech, or hearing.
  • Amputation or paralyzation.
  • Death.
  • Nothing.
  • Healing.    


1. The drug is consumed. (Consumer presses E on it)

2. Unlike the lore version, the consumer will immediately fall asleep and have a blurry or blacked out screen.

3. The broadcast will begin. If SMT/Dev wants to add images like the ones that were mentioned in lore, it would be amazing. 

4. Once the broadcast ends, the consumer will suffer from one of the effects.

In-Game Appearance: 

The drug will be contained in a bulletproof glass sphere, only accessible via a Clearance 3+ Keycard or Hacking Keycard. The drugs will remain on a rack and one of the pill bottles can be pickable by the players (Gravity Gun). The pickable pill bottle will include 5 samples of SCP-474 and when all of them are consumed, the pill bottle will either disappear or become a regular prop (Up to you). The pickable pill bottle's respawn choice is up to you; For instance, once it is stolen, only way to retrieve it back is to raid or deal with the thieves. 

Group of Interest - Utilization:

SCP-474 will be a business for The Chicago Spirit. As SCP-474 is an extremely hard anomalous entity to be found, TCS will initiate their business by stealing it from the Foundation then, producing it with the anomalous talents of their leaders. If they have first or second-hand intel or discovered it while raiding, TCS will be allowed to trying to steal the SCP.

Other groups such can utilize the SCP as a fatal weapon, or a trump card (Veil of Secrecy) against the Foundation.


  • Only Don or confirmed reality benders will be allowed to duplicate/produce SCP-474.
  • A duplication/production process lasts 5 minutes or a 5 minute cooldown to spawn.
  • If there is already 5 SCP-474 samples, the reality bender may not spawn another.
  • Cooldown of 25 minutes for each consumer. 
  • Overdosing on the drug will result in immediate death thus, must be considered FailRP.

I will add new restrictions upon request or feedback.

ALTERNATIVE: If you think the drug cannot be placed in the site then, give Don the ability to spawn it and implement restrictions to avoid abuse.

For more information and containment procedures, HERE.

Edited by Hannibal Lectuce

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More ResearchRP is always good, but I find the "GoI Utilization" part to be unnecessary.

Why would a GoI go out of their way to get a pill that only sometimes kills the consumer? If you can force someone to swallow the pill, you can also just shoot them.

If added, it would make more sense for it to be similar (but visually distinct) to SCP-500, because having 2 pill based SCPs with massively different functionality doesn't make too much sense.

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On 7/24/2020 at 10:13 PM, Kvisten said:


-Well made idea


But where should SCP-474 be located withing the facility exactly. I might be blind and not seen it but just wondering.

Possibly in that "Lab" in LCZ or small CCs in LCZ near 914

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