Remove MC&D Salesman Nobody Swep

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Its useless.  It shouldnt be there as salesman arent anomalous.  They just work for MC&D.  It has been used for thing MC&D salesman just shouldnt do.  A list of examples will be listed below


-Killing O5 and sneaking/staying in the site (Manager did this one lol)

-Kidnapping SD

-Roaming site for no reason


MC&D have just used the swep like theyre CI, and its just been being abused left and right.  Because of this, I wish to have the MC&D swep removed from salesman, as it gives abilities that are just stupid for Salesman to have.

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58 minutes ago, Nathan Kennedy said:

how can you complain about something when you dont even know what it is.

I know what nobody swep is and I am not complaining about the new thing, just curious

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I will have unfortunately disagree with the statement you have made regarding the in-game tool known as the "Nobody SWEP". I believe this tool adds a lot of RP to the server, its also necessary for balance. Since foundation is super OP. We need someone who can self supply guns but also noclip around killing anyone comes in his way. To conclude, the SWEP adds a enormous RP, just not passiveRP. In my opinion  you're just a bad and salty nu7 who can't kill one man who can become god for 20 seconds. I will have to leave this with bold italics -1

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+1 Why did they have it in the first place, they buy and sell stuff they aint anomulous themselves unless they touch the orb, also witht he ability to noclip through doors is kinda game breaking, had a situation where the AI ??? character walked though a CL 5 door while we were trying to sort the nuke issue out, that already was annoying ( but hey apparently he is the sites AI) still needs to be removed. if they get it from their anomulous drop things then fine but not to spawn with.


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TCS got turned into MC&D and whatever items the jobs had the MC&D versions had the same stuff as TCS, which gave the salesman job the nobody swep. This has been removed the job already and I don't know why people still comment here


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