SCP Foundation and GOI Discords

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Recently, all (or most depending when you see this) Discords have been merged into the main WG one.  This has limited the discords a large margin, and just doesnt work well.  I purpose a new solution.


A Combined SCP Foundation discord and GOI discord.


What do i mean by this?  Well, it would be a discord server for all of the Foundation jobs, such as:

O5 Council
Nu-7 Command

E-11 Command




Having all of these jobs in One discord separated from the main WG discord would lead to better organization and more channels for each respective group.  There would also be channels for non WL jobs, like in nu-7 command, having an Nu-7 unit channel, same with E-11, HR, and DoEA.  This would lead to more communication within the respective divisions and not have a complex group crammed to the bottom of an already large discord


With this, the same can be done with the GOI discord.


Harland would own these discord, and SMT, lead group manager, and (perhaps) discord support would be the only ones with channel editing perms, with group managers being able to remove/give roles (abuse would lead to stripping of management position).  This would allow for more channels, categories, etc to be made without having to worry about other WG channels being effected.  There would be no potential for group managers completely bombing a group as they cant delete the discord or the permissions/channels, and with SMT watching, that just cant happen.


With all risks gone, I see no reason why this shouldnt happen.  B-1 and ISD were already drawing plans for a Unified ISMO discord, and A-1 and O5 sharing a discord, so this has been shown to work in the past.  Its a better solution, allowing more freedom with groups than in the main WG discord.

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