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Name: Alfie

What country are you from?: England


In-Game name: Alfo Eliphaz

Age?: 17

Play Time? Must be atleast 3 days. No exceptions(SCP-RP): Over 4w - can't remember the exact time.

Are you a VIP/GoldVIP?: Plat VIP.

Do you have a microphone?: Yes, I prefer to use it then typing to be honest.

Do you have TeamSpeak ( Required )?: Yes.

Why should we pick you? (250 word minimum): Honestly, the last time I was staff, I seriously enjoyed it. It was fun dealing with the retards on the server and punishing them in more exotic ways sometimes to really make them learn a lesson. The main reason I resigned was because I was starting my GCSEs, at the time I figured, fuck this, don't wanna come back. But now in my 12 week holiday I would like to return (ish). Anyways, the reason I think I'm suitable is because I think I can be a good mix of mature and humorous, and it still seems that this is a desirable asset to the staff team. Not only this, but I am able to handle sits well as a whole, and I feel like I'm pretty effective at dealing with minges ( I have my methods ). Not only this, but I used to find staffing quite calming to do, going on SOD and flying around the map watching out for anyone breaking rules, and answering any calls that occur, is nice no? Furthermore, now that it is my 12 week holiday, I can be fairly active, at different points throughout the day, as I have a lot of free time on my hands now. I like to think I have a somewhat good reputation, though I know there are certain people who like to make their opinions very clear of me who think I'm a little boneheaded, but I do want to try to improve opinions of me as well.
With the release of V6 close around the corner, I would really like to come back and experience it as a staff member.
I also fucked up largely last time as I had a few disputes with the Head Mod (who won't be named smh) which ended up demoting me. Rex offered me my rank back soon after, but I didn't want to take it as I felt I was in the wrong state of mind at that point due to my disputes with the headmod, that bollocks is all sorted now and I'm ready to come back (if yall will let me)

^^ this was like last year, now 

Will you be active?: Yeah, lockdown init

How long will you be able to play per day?: I'd say at the very least 2 hours a day, I'll be on frequently though.

Are you aware atleast 75% of your time on the server should be on duty time and failing to do so will result in a punishment: Sure do, and even when I'm not staff I still claim a fair amount of sits ( I think I was in the thousand range before I resigned)

Any past experience as staff?: Yup, was staff on this for a few months, resigned a bit ago.

Do you have any specific mental conditions/illnesses and if yes, what are they?: I have no mental illnesses.

Any previous warns/bans? If so why? (maximum of 20 warns, exceptions can be made.): I've got one for leaving to avoid RP, despite the fact I was cuffed in a room for about 5 fucking minutes with no one there from what I remember, so I just left cuz I had to go anyway.

Do you know the basic ULX commands Yes/No: Yeah, and being staff on this previously taught me them well. An admin's tools for dealing with idiots.

Do you know what SCP-RP is about? (not just job descriptions): (gonna do my best to not put job descriptions here).
SCP-RP is a gamemode that is based in this SCP universe. It's commonly believed to be based on containment breach, though this is complete bollocks because they're practically completely different. SCP-RP allows you to play as nearly whatever you want, and is actually incredibly good at helping people learn more about the SCP universe. When I first joined, I didn't know GOIs were a thing, and this server and the gamemode in general helped me learn about em. It has a lot of open range, whether you want to be a D class, or a maniac cultist wanting to devour innocent citizens in the name of your God and prophet, SCP-RP has it for you. It also has a couple of surface RP aspects, like mayor and police, which also help add to the roleplay side of things. The surface is practically a constant war! It isn't just government and the foundation in ovis city though, it is also frequently inhabited by a range of different groups of interest, such as the Serpent's Hand, trying to free the anomalous, or GOC, with somewhat different goals, constant conflict arises for constant fun (and salt, lots and lots of salt...). The foundation also have several MTF squads to deal with surface GOIs, and these are also usually involved in surface combat. It's hard to enforce the law, right bobby?

Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP(1 word is not an answer).:
Sure do, will enforce them whenever I'm on should I get accepted anyways.
I also know more or less the appropriate ban times for rule breakers too, I'll give a few examples.
RDM - Killing a player without reason or with an invalid reason. 1 day if only one killed. Perma if MRDM.
Prop Kill - Abusing GMODs velocity factor and using it to kill players. 1 day if only one killed. Perma if mass prop kill.
Metagame - Having knowledge your character shouldn't have in RP, an example being "this civ is a sarkic, kill him!" - Warn
if first offence. If repeating, can be a ban.
NH2RP - Someone joining with the intention to just minge around - Perma ban in most scenarios unless they promise to stop.
And that's just a few, there are several more which I hope I can prevent should I be accepted.
Thanks for reading - lots of love Alfo Eliphaz.

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1 hour ago, covid-20 said:

punishing them in more exotic ways sometimes to really make them learn a lesson

Pretty much should be enough reason to deny his ass, if not even shadow blacklisting him.

Alfie would be person who would decide to give 10x harsher punishment on people and 20x harsher punishment on people who he dislikes.

I'm sorry this dude got tilted on Dead by Daylight got called baby for that, left bed discord ( AKA Illuminati HQ, Dark Lords Corp., Red union of silencers ) and still holds grudge on people.
NOTE: This happened around 4 months ago.

What I'm saying here this dude got grudge on group of people cause of fucking shitty indie game, the grudge that he will most likely hold till fucking deathbed ( considering fucking months passed by )

1 hour ago, covid-20 said:


^Read above^

So anyways back to his "grudges".
Now imagine if someone ingame pisses him off, what then? He will stalk, find any smallest reason to punish said person and will go long ways just to have it harsher punishment.

1 hour ago, covid-20 said:

But now in my 12 week holiday I would like to return (ish)

Return ish, what the fuck does that even mean. If you aren't even sure about coming back, why bother applying? Want to waste heads time again? Like before resigning over and over. If you aren't even sure about returning, why bother.


  • Immature
  • Holds grudges over some stupid reasons, believe me he WILL be biased in sits
  • Vice versa he will give light punishments to his friends ( if even give ), I know that cause he used to chill in Illuminati discord when he staffed
  • Isn't even sure about coming back it seems, so chance of quick resignation ( like he did it twice before )
  • Shit DBD killer, just so you remember that and have that grudge going for another year


1 hour ago, covid-20 said:

( I have my methods ).


1 hour ago, covid-20 said:

punishing them in more exotic ways

How Did Josef Mengele Become the Evil Doctor of Auschwitz? - The ...

Side note-

Petition for SMT to actually clean this garbage off the forums & server. Altough I never had high hopes for Mark Kuntson anyways, at least glad I can call out retards from a mile even before they reach any positions.

Gordon is probably just sheep following brainlets.

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10 hours ago, Ivanskov | said:

Pretty much should be enough reason to deny his ass, if not even shadow blacklisting him.

I love this so much actually, because I remember applying with this exact same staff app when you were still hierarchy and you didn't complain last time. What was that about holding grudges again? 

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1 hour ago, covid-20 said:

I love this so much actually, because I remember applying with this exact same staff app when you were still hierarchy and you didn't complain last time. What was that about holding grudges again? 

Personally don't remember accepting you myself.
But even if I did, why does it matter? I was shit hierarchy anyways back then, was biased towards some members and didn't do jack shit. I had no balls to say "no" to certain people back then lol, especially if I was on friendlier terms with them.

Not to mention I judged people off their behavior ingame and so on, I rarely read apps. And believe my opinion on you has changed since then.

So yeah if I accepted you, it was cause I was no balls Andy and generally not great at managing shit. There is a damn reason why I resigned.

Lost to Indie game LuL

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I cannot accept you for staff as you have only just started playing the server again and even say yourself, you've started to "return (ish)". Given that you have applied for staff under similar circumstances and gone inactive/left after a few weeks this app is denied. Start playing the server again and re-establish yourself in the community before applying for staff again, if you are truly interested in joining the staff team.


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