Fix those horrible Metagame rules

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I cant stand the metagame rules, They are not that appealing to me personally. 

The main reason for this is that foundation personnel cant call out some steampunk overlord looking dude with an Ak entering the facility or some red and white brute entering with a flamethrower.

I am pretty sure we should know facility uniform or atleast be able to ask them for their IDs because we dont recognize their uniform at all in the facility and!

The CI is so obvious, They have one uniform, those military vests which come in different colors, every time we have caught them they are CI and we have to act like some clueless schmucks whenver they enter or else ''Imma call Admin on yo ass for metagame!, yo cant recognize me brah'' 

I mean this is a top security facility with dangerous creatures that could kill off all of humanity if released, And we cant even make sure no GOIs enter the facility because of the metagame rules?

Please change them, I loose hope in humanity because of these metagame rules.

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I understand your point, but feel I need to make certain things clear;

Cotbg Construct is listed as suspicious models, which means you can ask for ID immediately after seeking it basically. 


I find it wierd how the steampunk model is not suspicious,  but merely saying "Steampunkers in EZ" on comms will get points across.


About CI, mostly they are disguised, and if they walk inside not disguised, people will either meta them, or close doors on them. Fact is, since they wear only a slight familiarity with militaristic looks, I dont mind them or their models, Foundation has some of those looks too. 

I can agree some models could be added onto the "suspicious model" list, like the steampunker model. 



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I mean, one of the GOC uniforms has;

GOC written on them

And Pshyce written on

And they have the GOC logo on them, which basically means, anyone who would in RP know what GOC is, can instantly go "Gee, that's a GOC member, from the psyche division".


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1 hour ago, LemonArmaggedon said:

then they would just use trench coat player model and COTBG get both steam punk and trench coat for all 3 of their human roles, except convert which only gets trench coat

At least they won't be able to just switch between them and avoid suspicion when one pm is compromised

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