Walter Webb

O5 Council Application

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Your In-Game Name:Walter Webb,Blitz 


Your Steam-ID:Steam_0:1 :450116981

Your Age:14 

Your In-Game Playtime:7w5d19h 

Your amount of warnings (15 Warnings max):9 

Rate your roleplaying skills:8.5/10 


What would you like your O5 Designation to be?:O5-3"The Philosopher Scientist"

Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions):
I believe I should be picked for a position in the O5 council due to my good leadership skills that I have gained while being a Head of External Affairs and leading raids or scouting missions on the surface against dangerous Groups of Interest.My good negotiation skills that I have gained from my time as HoEA and as an Ethics Committee Member while dealing with highly dangerous GoIs and/or dangerous or rouge site personnel that pose a threat to others.My great information gathering skills that I have mostly gained while being an ECM trough communication,common sense and people.My good persuasion methods that work on both GoIs and site personnel,if need be.I am quick to pick up on someone being incompetent and deal with them using the law.I make sure to analyse the situation before making any important moves and I also hear out anyone who offers a solution or less problematic one that is.Alpha warheads should not be in my vocabulary of solutions most of the time.Pressure is always there for almost everyone,but I will make sure to make it as small as possible for everyone from site administration to general security because a calm head is an alive head.I believe as a former O5 I have come under a lot of tough decisions lets say eg. an "event" 008 breach I have started to gather with the help of other site administration all containment units to one point and told them to branch out and secure it all and it was going good but somehow 008 started to get into the air ventilation and I was forced to nuke by the foundation system.Of course I believe when making any new decisions that would affect the entire site O5 council members need to talk to eachother before execution of the plan eg.temporary peace treaty between Foundation and GOC which was talk about between members highly and agreed on the least costly decision.   

How many O5 Council Members are their in the SCP universe that are known but not on record?:
The council originally started with around 12 members,but there are some rumors of a 13th member such as him being just there to break ties in votes.Some say its just there as disinformation to keep identities of other council members a secret.O5 designations such as -1,-2 and so on are thought by people to be like ranks,but it is not specified or ever said to be true or false.All they have in common is knowledge of almost everything there is to know in the Foundation.Every member has their number and codename,some keep it more of a secret some less but we might never know for certain maybe even the number of how many council members is fake.All we know for certain is that they exist in some capacity and that some are more normal than others.The character I am trying to apply as is a normal looking man but he is anomalously old and he is sometimes overshadowed by other members.


Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Adminstration?:
An O5 council member differs from almost every site administration because of his way of thinking and information given or found out by him.He knows the real extent of things around them and he knows almost everything about anyone he wants,even the least useful personnel to the SD.He understands the power he holds above everyone in the Foundation and the site itself.Furthermore he himself knows that he alone cant do much so he always makes sure to be strict but as honest and good to site administration that run their almost countless sites around the world.He also understands how big of a target he is for other GOI and why if he was to fall into their hands there would be high threats to the entire Foundation unlike a SD or HoEA that are also important but not as an O5.He also differs from a normal site administration because of as said knowledge and information,he alongside other O5s find things out and everything about them sooner than an SD or HoEA and make a decision that he or other members filter down to the personnel that need to know.What is special about O5 is that they are a council they all decide on 1 thing unlike other site administration that only discuss multiple outcomes to situations in a meeting with other commanders and so on.An O5 is there to oversee and not to micro manage everything such as MTFs,departments and so on,some may want to take part in a project or a test for self amusement unlike an SD that would want to supervise them as much as he can.When it comes to GOI O5s are also special and different because they use DoEA to make deals but rarely do they ever come into contact with a GOI member unless a leader with useful information. 

Explain what makes you special: 
I believe that what makes me special is my way of dealing with problems,which is due to my long time in the Ethics Committee being silent and calm until enough evidence is collected to act and not just act because of a "gut" feeling or something like that.I let people act as they would normally and see if they are really competent or not.I also do like to question things a lot,sometimes it turns out to be good,others not.I don't openly question them,but I always have a part in me that does and it sometimes saves my skin,others and valuable information,because information is the number one thing everyone needs to do their job.I also believe what makes me special is my good self preservation even when in the face of extreme danger and without anyones help.But the most important thing I believe I have is my secrecy and my ways of enforcing it,because if the enemy doesn't even know who or where you are there is nothing to worry about. 

How do you initiate a nuke?: 
You initiate a nuke by first gathering enough reasons to call hierarchy and propose to them a launch.After that hierarchy will decide for or against it,if for the launch they will launch it.If it in the end turns out to be a bad reason or stupid it might be counted as MRDM and the person would be kicked and BL from the council.


What are the rules a O5 Council member has to follow?: 
1.He shouldn't go into D-block without a good/rational reason.
2.He should avoid entering SCPs containment chambers as much as possible in case of a breach.
3.He needs to value his life due to the important information he holds.
4.He shouldn't go around ordering pointless terminations because,if he kills too many of his personnel nobody would wish to work for him.
5.He needs to be careful when trying to or really launching a nuke,in this case an alpha warhead nuke which kills everyone on surface,if he is not careful he will be removed from O5 and blacklisted.
6.When there is a breach of an SCP,a security breach or a big raid an O5 should activate a lockdown and get someone to lockdown glass gate,if he does this without a good reason he might get removed from the O5 position.


Why would you like to role play as an O5?:
I would like to role play as an O5 because I have seen a change in the way they RP from V5 when I was an O5 which was a more "open" time lets say so.I see that the O5 council became a more serious job from V5 when O5s would do normal site administration work and not actually oversee them which was a common thing back then for some and for others not.I believe that the addition of the "new" Alpha-1 benefits a lot to the O5 RP and how the O5s act,because in V5 an O5 only had 2 A-1s which didn't even look like MTF rather like some mercenaries which ruined the astethic.Now an O5 is almost impossible to kill unless all A-1 protection fails and the O5 is left alone,which is a rare thing to happen.I also like how the "metagame" factor of site administration just knowing if O5 is on has dropped since V5 when some O5s rolled with it now its actual RP and people have to find out in a genuine way or be informed which I like.I also like how O5s now can RP as the O5 member they have chosen from the dossier with small boundaries of server rules and group rules,unlike in V5 with the same sit in the office and talk on communications or do SDs/HoEAs job.

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competent, well-suited for the job considering previous experiences.


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