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Your In-Game Name: David Hayes, Sergeant Major Kvisten and Commander Kvisten

Your Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:209890907

Your Age: 17

Your In-Game Playtime: 4w, 4d, 8h, 50min, 0sec

Your amount of warnings (15 Warnings max): 1 warn for FailRP - Issued by Ace Barry

Rate your roleplaying skills: 8/10 I would say


What would you like your O5 Designation to be?:


O5-4: "The Gangster". [DEFECTED]

Male. European descent. American origin. Appearance unknown.

O5-4 played a large role in Foundation manipulation of world governments and economic systems. Additionally, he had extensive ties to organized crime and domestic terrorism, ties which existed before his elevation to the O5 Council. He simply never let them go, and the obvious utility of crime connections during the Foundation's early years allowed him to justify these questionable continuing relationships. Most people who the Foundation 'disappeared' or assassinated during their formative years were targeted under the auspices of O5-4.

Helped design the first iteration of the Chaos Insurgency (as a Foundation black ops project) before defecting with the fully realized Chaos Insurgency during the Foundation Civil War. Although not a mastermind of the "true" Insurgency (better thought of as an alliance between then-O5-7 and then-O5-11), is likely significantly responsible for its success post-schism, for when he left, he took his connections with him.

When O5-4 defected, the Foundation wiped out all his operations and reassigned or terminated his remaining staff. Though this was likely a good choice for them long-term, this partially contributed to certain destabilizations in world economies of the time.

Rumored to have known Al Capone and number of other crime lords personally.

This is copied from the O5 Command Dossier. Just want to give people info of who O5-4 "The Gangster" is.

Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions):

There are some reasons why I should be part of the O5 Council is firstly is that I have spent quite a lot of time with different O5s during my time as a Senior Agent from Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 "Red Right Hand". The time that I have been with the different O5s I have been learning a lot on how to act as an O5 during different situation either small or severe and how they have dealt with it. With this experience I think I can do good decisions during several different situations as an O5 due the fact of what I have learned from other O5s. Secondly, I have quite a lot of playtime on this server which has given me a lot of experience on how things works within different MTFs and other jobs. In this way I will have it more easier to understand how things work properly and with that experience it will be easier to deal with situations regarding different branches. I can even be calm in extreme or severe situations for example mass breach occurs within Site-19. Being calm is a essential thing as a O5 I believe because being stressed will just cause bad decisions which will result in even worse situations and might expose the existence of the Foundation for the rest of Ovis City population and huge losses of foundation personnel may occur. This is why I think being able to stay calm in severe situations is very important to prevent bad or stupid decisions. Another reason why I should be a part of the O5 Council is that I have experience how everything works with the site and this will come in handy during different situations. I have played a bit as a Site Director. Not much but a bit and it have given me enough experience how to make sure the site runs smoothly.

How many O5 Council Members are there in the SCP universe that are known but not on record?:

It states in lore that there are 13 O5 council members within the SCP Foundation/SCP universe. However, there are rumours that O5-13 does not really exist and that O5-13 is just used as a tiebreaker so it won't be 50/50 on votes and that it only exist 12 O5 council members ranging from 1-12. It even goes as far that the O5-13 is rotated between the O5-1 to O5-12 to act as O5-13 and as a tiebreaker to trick the rest that O5-13 really exist and make sure that no stalemates occurs. No one really knows except the O5 council themselves and all of this is speculations or rumours about the O5-13.

Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Administration?:

First off is that there is a huge difference between the O5 and any other site Administration. The O5s have full power over everything and can make whatever decision to anyone. They know everything there is to know about and due the fact they have the highest Clearance level even though it is just one level higher compared to the other Site Administrators it still is a huge difference in terms of power, info and knowledge. If a Site Director would die it would just affect the site that he/she is stationed on however If an O5 would die it would affect not only one site but the entire SCP Foundation just because how important they are. They make sure that the Directors of the site, Head of External Affairs and others do their job correctly. The O5 is classified as a Class A personnel and are the most important person and they are the first priority to protect and evacuate if things goes to hell. While SD is classified as a Class B still important but not as important compared with Class A because of how important Class A are to the Foundations strategic operations while Class B are essential to local Foundation Sites. Another thing that the O5 differ with SD is that the SD is the director of one designated site that they have control of while the O5s have full power over every site and they make sure that the SD do the job in a professional way.

The O5s tell the site administrators  what to do exactly. Then the site administrators do what they are being told and tell the orders to the commanders of different MTFs and departments. Then the Commanders order their units. The O5s should not be walking around the site even with a huge escort consisting of Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 “Red Right Hand”. It will still be a huge risk for the O5s own life and it will draw attention if seen with a big escort with armed units. The O5 council members have specific rules that they have to follow to ensure that they do not put their life at steak. Because of their knowledge, power and importance they are huge targets for any hostile such as The Chaos Insurgency. The O5 should act as an overseer and see how everything works. If he notices something off or bad he will then contact the current Site Director to deal with it. If the Site Director is not competent enough or is the main reason for the poor performance of the site the O5 has to act and deal with the Site Director and find a new replacement.

Explain what makes you special:

One thing that makes me special is my roleplaying skills and how I deal with problems and different situations. I think that makes me special because I know what to do if something bad is happening with my experience by playing as A-1 and protecting different O5 Council members. Thus, I can ensure not make things become even worse than it started out as. I know how to deal with people who is not competent enough by telling them what to do or just by replace them depending how they acted previously. Reason why my roleplaying skills makes me special is that I know how to roleplay properly and give the O5s a good reputation and not ruin it by stupid acts and decisions. I know how to act as an leader and give out orders properly by playing as B-1 and E-11 Commander which I think can help quite a lot. Another thing that makes me special is that I know how to be secret by not openly giving orders which can make it harder for infiltrators to find me. I can follow the rules and procedures well which shows I am competent. Lastly, I can remain calm during tough and severe situations as mentioned earlier.

How do you initiate a nuke?:

You need to have a proper reason to nuke to begin with. It can be from several Euclid and Keter class SCPs managed to escape the facility and roaming freely on the surface, mass 008 prion spread/infection within and outside the facility or the facility experience huge loss by enemy attacks. Then you head down to EZ lower and use your Clearance level 5 keycard to enter the warhead control room. Upon entering you go to the control room and enter a code and then press a button to activate the Alpha or Omega warhead.

Before you can do it. You need to call hierarchy and have valid reason as mentioned earlier. Then they will you give permission and let you activate the nuclear warhead. The reason why you need staff to activate the warhead is that nuking is considered as an event and thus requiring hierarchy to do it.

What are the rules a O5 Council member has to follow?:

The rules that a O5 council member has to follow are as follow:

1. O5 should not be near or in dangerous areas such as Heavy Containment Zone and Light Containment Zone due the fact they are putting their life at risk because of all the Euclid and Keter SCPs. One can breach at any time and the O5 is good as dead.

2. Not be near d-block which may risk the O5s life.

3. If a breach occurs the O5 must find a safe and secure area and remain inside until the SCP has been either terminated or recontained by E-11 or B-7. Meanwhile the O5 must lockdown the site while ordering someone to lockdown Glass Gate.

4. O5 should not make pointless orders or execution without a valid reason. Such as threatening the O5 or going rogue.

5. O5 should keep his identity a secret. The O5 should rarely or never show his ID due the fact it can risk the life of O5 and the info can spread easily.

6. If someone knows the O5s identity the O5 should not ignore it. Depending on the person and reason it can be a injection of amnestics or execution depending on the situation.


Why would you like to role play as an O5?:

First reason is that I want variety and I think O5 is a great job to give variety on this server to give some fun roleplay experience. Because I have been playing a lot as combat jobs and I am starting to get tired of the same and I think O5 is something that will help balancing it out. Another reason is that I can fill out the spot for O5 when no one is currently on and give the current A-1 agents a reason to still be on and have more things to do and that I can make or at least improve the roleplay for A-1 and others and make the site more fun to play on. Lastly, the job looks like fun to play as.



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