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What your suggestion is: Remove the warning threshold for getting kicked when warned a certain amount of times. When staff warn someone, if they are kicked most of the time they are just about to be put in jail. This means that they can avoid jail time which is a bigger punishment then a lowly kick. 

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scp doesnt use jail, but let me throw up a situation for you


”!warn “ct cumman 4729” retard”

”ct cuman 4729 has been kicked for hitting the limit of warns or whatever it says”

>5 minutes later

”oh ct cuman is back”

”!jail “ci cumman 4284884” 10m”




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Its a really good idea and that but really it is quite a rare occasion for that to happen though



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Would be good to make sure that minges that get warned a lot dont skip brig time, but at the same time, a kick is a staff punishment just like Warns or Bans, so it really is neutral for me, but because of what i said about them skipping brig, this is close to a +1


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Let's be real here, if they get kicked for reaching the threshold, most likely they're going to get banned anyways.

And if they are to reconnect after having been kicked in the brig, getting a staff member to continue the punishment is a valid option depending on the circumstances.


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-1 Do not remove it

13 hours ago, Blaster said:

or make it a 1 day ban 😳


Making it something more than a kick would be much better than removing the entire automatic system.

If the CT in question luckily got automatically kicked instead of serving his brig time then he is one step closer to be banned for a much longer time anyway which in the long-run is a much more severe punishment. A CT missing a 10-15 minute time in brig is not the highest concern.


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When you reach 3 active warns you need to calm down getting kicked tells the person hey mate your really not meant to be doing this stuff your getting kicked as a punishment because you didn't take the warnings seriously

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