Hash's 3rd Staff Application.

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In Game Name:
GM Senior Commander Hash.


Steam ID:


Am I currently Staff on another any other server or WG server:
No, however as most of you already know, I have been staff on this particular server not very long ago. 


In Game Rank:
Platinum VIP and Senior Commander Hash. 


Do I have any current experience in staffing RP Servers:
Yes, as stated before, I was a Senior Moderator on this server.




My Playtime:
9 Weeks & 15 days (at the time of writing this).


My Predicted Time on the Server:
45-55 hours per week.


1 warn. This was left as just an accident and not intentional at all.
I was also kicked from staff as a punishment for my actions not too long ago.    


What do I aim to achieve if I were to join the Staff Team:
If I were to join the Staff Team of this server again, the first thing that I would attempt to succeed in is improvement. As most of the people reading this know, I was kicked not too long ago for some immature and stupid decisions that I had made as a staff member, and I know that a very large number of people are going to be pointing out and exploiting that fact within this application. Therefore, my first and foremost target would be self improvement. I understand that it hasn't been very long since my kick, however some improvement has already been made and I wish to continuously improve if I were to be accepted into the staff team again. 

In addition to this, another thing that I would aim to achieve if I were to be accepted into the staff team would be to ensure that the server is just made a better place overall. As you guys have seen from myself and from higher ranking members of this server (both in staff and out) within the past, we have made a few mistakes. We are not perfect, nor is our server. Hence why I would attempt to clean this up and ensure that all power abusing, rank abusing and any sort of abusing behavior is null and squashed down until it is eventually stopped. Including my own. 

Although we may be the number 1 UK server for SWRP on Garry's Mod, we still have a lot of improvement left to be made. As I tell myself in every training or event that I host or lead, "Improvement is always there for those who wish to pursue it." And I know that I have plenty of improvement to prove to both myself, as well as the majority of this community.  On this final topic, my final aim would simply be to display my changed attitudes and behavior towards the staff team, the rules of which they make and enforce and the server as a whole. I understand that I have a lot to still prove to some people on this server, whether they have been against me from the very start or with me. I have many wrongs that I must right and, should I be given another opportunity on joining, I will certainly do my best on righting these wrongs. 


Why do I stand out Amongst other Potential Candidates:
I think the majority of the reason why I will stand out right now will be due to the simple fact:

I was kicked from staff for being too immature and displaying childish actions. As hard as it may be to admit to one's mistakes, I'm afraid I am going to have to if I wish to make a return to this staff team. I made numerous mistakes in my time as staff, over various ranks and I must admit, I did not deserve the ranks that I were given. More mature players than me had applied for staff at the time and, looking back on it, they certainly deserved a bigger shot than me as I lost control of the abilities within my possession. Perhaps numerous others may have done the same in my position, perhaps they might not have. But ultimately, the Server Management Team had come to that conclusion, and there was nothing better for me to do than pick myself up, dust myself off and Keep Buggering On. 

Regardless of the mistakes that I have made, I believe that I have improved since my demotion from the staff team and I also wish to continue that improvement if I were to be accepted within the staff team. As said before, this server is not perfect and I am fantastic example of that. But I wish to display my improvement to not only the different members on the staff team, but the remainder of the server too. In addition to this, my warn count on this specific SWRP server is also only held at 1 (although some may argue that it should have changed). This was because of an accident that had occurred where I had killed a couple of clones that were standing very close to me with my lightsabers. I was then arrested and also warned which was completely acceptable. I didn't fight against this case or argue as I knew I never should have been within that situation in the first place. However, as said before, this was a complete accident and not intentional at all. 

Furthermore, I think another reason that I may stand out from other potential candidates would be due to my time on this server as a whole. I joined this server on the same day that I also joined the regiment that I'm currently the Senior Commander of (the Galactic Marines) which was the 9th of April, 2019, showing that I've been on this server for around a year and a half. Due to this fact, I've been able to understand many of the server's rules, whether they be within character or out of character, as well as the different changes that have occurred in the rules too. As a result of this, I'd be able to enforce these rules a lot more efficiently that the majority of the other potential candidates applying for staff.

In addition to my time on the server, another point that I believe would allow me to stand out amongst other candidates would be actual time within the regiment of the Galactic Marines. I've been in this regiment for around a year and a half, whilst getting to the rank of Executive Officer within 5 months, getting to the rank of Commander shortly 4 months after that, receiving the rank of Senior Commander 4 months after this and I have been Senior Commander now for almost 3 months. I know many people reading this may not agree with the decision that was made for me to be promoted to a position within High Command. However, what's happened has happened; there is no point crying over spilled tea. Regardless, I think that this shows some good dedication towards both my regiment as well as this server, as I had to wait for quite a while to receive the rank that I am as of this moment in time.


Why should I be picked for Staff (200 Words):
I believe that there are a number of different reasons as to why I should be picked for the staff team. These are as follows:

1) The first of these several reasons would be (as I've also said before in this application) the fact that I have been quite a decent rank in staff on this server already, not too long ago. Although I was kicked for my own actions of immaturity and childish behavior, I have picked up plenty of knowledge during my time as a Trial Moderator, a Moderator and a Senior Moderator. Unfortunately I did not make it to the rank of Admin. However, should I be given the opportunity, this is something I would very much aspire to achieve within the future. In my honest opinion, regarding claims, I believe I had achieved a great number of them every week, showing that I knew what I was doing during most of these claims, I understand the different ULX commands that are used to spawn tools, weapons, vehicles etc. in as well as providing them to different players upon the server too. Ultimately I believe that, due to my past experience as a staff member on this server, I am an ideal candidate to be picked for the staff team.

2) My second point as to why I believe that I should be picked for staff is due to my activity upon the server. As I have previously said above, my hours within a week are around 45-55. Whilst I am also looking to increase these numbers, I believe that they are quite suitable for that of someone who wishes to reach above his/her minimum claims per week (as I've also displayed this in the past as my time as Senior Moderator). Moreover, my time on the server also rises majorly during the weekend as I am free much longer then as opposed to various days of the week (Monday to Thursday) to due certain tasks I have to get done. In addition to this, these hours have also slightly increased in comparison to the last staff application I made, showing improvement and a tad bit more dedication to this server.

3) Furthermore, a third point as to why I think I should be picked for this staff team would be the time that I have spent on this server. In total, I have spent 16 (almost 17) months on this server, as well as almost 17 months within the regiment of the Galactic Marines. I managed to get into hierarchy in the month of September of 2019, whilst also then getting the rank of Vice Commander shortly after in the month of October 2019. This was because of the Vice Commander leaving for the Republic Commandos at the time (which may have been just a tiny stroke of luck). From there, our famous and spectacular Marshall Commander (Bobby) had resigned in the month of January which then granted me the rank Commander. I then kept this rank for around 4-5 months till June which allowed me to gain plenty of experience until I finally got the rank of Senior Commander (to many people's dismay). I have then since been Senior Commander and have attempted to do my very best within the High Command, putting ideas forward as well as listening to others'. As a result of all of this, it has allowed me to gain quite a lot of experience in dealing with different situations, different circumstances, however tense or calm they may be, and considering as many of claims a staff member must deal with are situations with someone arguing over why they were arrested, kicked, warned, punished, etc. I believe that my experience and skills would certainly be a reason for me to be picked for this Staff Team. 

4) Rolling off my previous point, another reason as to why I believe that I should be picked for the staff team would be the knowledge I have regarding of the rules on the server. Being part of the staff team previously also supports this point as I had to make sure that various players obeyed these rules and respected them. In addition to this, I also unfortunately broke a few rules, making me much more aware of what is wrong and what is right. I believe that this makes me more of a potential candidate than the others around me as I know what I have done, and I have since learned from my previous mistakes, whilst also wishing to show this to the rest of the community as well as the Server Management Team.

5) My fifth point as to why I believe that I should be picked for this staff team would be the amount of warns/bans that I have received in the year and a half that I have been on this server. The warn that I had received was related to me RDM'ing a couple of clones unintentionally with my dual lightsabers. I was intending on dis-igniting my sabers half way through a charged heavy attack (by pressing the 2 key on my keyboard and getting my keys out). However, I had accidentally released the heavy attack, killing the clones around me (who were standing quite close to me which allowed them to be killed much more easier), resulting in a warn for RDM and time in the brig. As stated before, I do not wish to get this warn removed, regardless of it being an accident. I am not complaining about it. However, I do regret receiving it and I never should've been in that circumstance in the first place. 

6) And finally, my sixth point as to why I believe why I should be accepted into the staff team, is because I wish to prove my change. I know for a fact that many of the people reading this will pounce upon the opportunity that I have unfortunately given them to flood me with unnecessary hate and negativity, as I've seen quite a lot since I arrived into hierarchy. Plenty of people wish for me to punished much more than I deserve, in my honest opinion. However, as I've stated before, one must simply be able to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and Keep Buggering On if they wish to prove themselves. In this case, I want to prove that I have changed. Although the time since my demotion hasn't been the longest, I wish to prove to the Server Management Team, the staff team and the community as a whole that my actions in the past are in the past for a reason and I certainly wish to show that.


Do I understand that my rank (as a staff member) may be removed due to unsuitability:
I think I certainly understand this a lot more than I did the last time I was on these applications. 


If a Trooper did not Salute me, what would I do as a Staff Member:
l As a I would be a staff member within this specific scenario, I would not do anything. This would be because my staff job would be an Out Of Character job and any rules that are broken Role-Playing wise would be dealt with by a high ranking official in game. However, any server rules that are broken such as ERP, Fail RP, Power Gaming, RDM, MRDM, etc. would be my responsibility as Staff On Duty and I would have to then give out the necessary punishment. This may be a warn, kick or even ban for however many days is necessary. 


I do not like a certain staff member. How do I handle this:
a To begin with, I'd need to make sure that there isn't any sort of tension between us that reflects negativity. I understand the majority of this server are children (and some of the ones who aren't certainly act childish), but in order to settle a debate or perhaps even an argument, one must be able to stay calm and put all differences aside before starting the said debate. I would allow this staff member that say what's on their mind before speaking my mind, and ultimately we would then come to a conclusion as to what we would each do about our situation. Above all, I believe that being honest is certainly the best thing that one could do. Being honest and straightforward is better than prolonging the truth and lying to them. It allows more trouble and annoyance to be caused which distances one from the solution. Therefore, I would be honest, straightforward and speak what's truly on my mind. 


Anything Else:
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.
And Good Luck in your Staff Apps!!

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I mean i do believe that people can have second chances. But not this quickly -1

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Staff abuse??


Ye no thanks

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6 minutes ago, [W-G] Defrexx said:

I mean i do believe that people can have second chances. But not this quickly -1

Like that guy said

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Well. I mean. 

I'll be honest. No. Straight up no. Blunt yes but it needs to be said. You've not long been demoted from staff and I don't care if your SCO or not, it doesn't mean anything when you've not long been demoted. Your already on what seems to be thin ice and there's much better candidates who could be staff. 

Even in OOC you have cause somewhat arguments with some other members either if it's your fault or not, OOC is not a place for arguments. 

When you was staff you abused it pretty hard and I am unsure if you have really thought about this so soon. I'll be honest once you got staff your ego shot through the roof and I think you should calm down for a bit and just deal with SCO first since staff and SCO go hand in hand.

There's been alot of admin abuse, me seeing it for myself with you shooting 2 74th. I'll spare the rest.

But no, There is many better candidates.

You've been a high rank so you know should know what your doing but that doesn't hide what you did previous.




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-1 doxxed me multiple times prefer my name private 😘

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Hash i do believe that you want to be staff and perhaps do your best however as others said, you have been demoted lately so it's best to wait, maybe the next staff app?

Good luck anyway!

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Im saying this in respect of what you did previously, when you were being a SOD you did a good job and was quick but really when it comes to what you did IC with staff powers its really bad,

killing 74th with the night sniper which I believe before this happened during the weekly staff meeting reminded everyone not to do that sort of thing and give yourself them weapons. Also the yoda chair incident for you going around all of MB in yodas chair. Which might of been there to be humerus or what not but still. 

When it comes to arguments hash is usually at he reciveing end. 


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who cares




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2 minutes ago, Pagan / David Schtuaf said:

Surely this has to be a joke?

Personally I have nothing wrong with you as a person (Hard to believe) however your behaviour previously as a staff member was atrocious. Now I will state my reasoning for my decision as I dont want to seem like I have no reason to -1.

Firstly  you were tiered for abuse of command and spawning in weapons - in other words you executed two 74th with a night sniper and also spawned a Yoda chair in MB. These actions ruin RP for others as you are simply breaking IC rules with your staff privileges and expecting nothing to happen to you.

Secondly,  You abused No-clip - you may be wondering what I mean in this case however I will further explain. A last stand implies the idea of only one life but perhaps since you were staff you believed you were above this law - leaving your bunks using no clip to give yourself extra lives. This alone is more admin abuse and abuse of command to ensure you have a fun experience.

Thirdly, you used a voice amp to again ruin others fun - you werent the person leading however went ahead and stated down voice amp the position of GM - I understand your rank has the authority to use such equipment however only in cases when it is necessary however this was not one of these cases.

Moreover,  you prop abused inside of the MHB in front of a large group of people which is unacceptable for a staff member which resulted in a demotion from staff.

"Please dont enter a channel and start acting with an attitude since I +1'd a warn request crying for me to get something off of my chest as well as insisting that I should know my place"







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I know from personal experience about getting demoted in staff and I can say for a fact that second chances or third in your case aren't given out. Its very unlikely you will get staff back. This is due to numerous negative feedback from the community relating to recent events and also your ignorance to the fact you have done this shit. You may mention that your sorry, but that was what the 1st tier was for. Tbf your lucky you lasted that long in staff at all . If you reay want to get into staff agai. Wait a year or 2.

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As much as i believe in second chances this is far too soon to reapply which is unfortunate considering
your application is excellently written.

You've had your chance already
and we need to give others an equal opportunity for staff.

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