HoDEA Application

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RP Name: James Anthony Adams

Steam Name: mynameisiggy

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:553426306

Playtime and Level (5 days and level 50 minimum): One week and 19 hours. Level 50.

Warns: 11.

What is the Department of External Affairs?: 


The Department of External Affairs is one of the smallest departments, but one of the most important. This department specializes in diplomatic relations between other Foundations and Groups of Interest. The personnel of this department are typically well-integrated throughout the genre's community. They look for potential allies for the foundation and work on interrogating spies, raiders, and so forth.  The Department of External Affairs also works on making deals with allies and other GOI's. We also manage surface missions for when we want to send Nu-7 to scout, raid, etc.

Who is the Head of External Affairs?:


The Head of External Affairs manages missions to outside the facility, they send Nu-7 out to the surface, as well as Field Agents to infiltrate and Spy on enemy GOI's. They also manage new recruits for the foundation and also manage D class for enlistment to either Level-1 To Level-2 Security Clearance, these are usually cafeteria workers to Janitors. The Head of External Affairs also makes sure all the DEA agents are doing their jobs correctly and ethically. 


What is a GOI?: 


A GOI is actually a shortcut for Group of Interest. A Group of Interest is a group which the foundation puts interest upon, these groups can be an enemy or ally to the foundation. GOI's can either raid the foundation, stay neutral with the foundation and/or help them. There is many GOI's in both the lore and the server, these can range from; The Chaos Insurgency, over to The Broken Church. There are a lot more groups that the foundation does and/or doesn't know about that either want the SCP Objects for their own use, or to protect them from the Foundation and Mankind.

Who does the HoEA anwser to?: 


The Head of External Affairs answers to Site Director, 05 Council and 05-█

What are the duties of a HoEA?: 


The duties of a HoEA is to manage external affairs and relationships with Groups of Interest. Such as truces, friendships and wars against other groups. HoEA also manages some splinter groups of the foundation. HoEA also manages the EA agents and their jobs. They also manage missions to recontain SCPs that have breached to the surface and need to be contained, HoEA also comes to special meetings on behalf of normal Agents.

What is MTF Sigma-66 and Omega-12? 


Mobile Task Force Sigma-66 is basically a force made up of captured hostiles that could be helpful to the foundation. Such as guarding researchers, helping contain,etc. They can also help deal with rioting Class-D's, they are on constant supervision due to the possibility of betrayal.

MTF Omega-12 ("Achilles' Heels") is a task force that consists of anomalous humanoids that protect humans from entering and bending reality. In the lore they are tasked with protecting and guarding site 13, inside mount Olympus in Greece.

Describe the SCP Foundation as a GOI:


The SCP foundation is a secret orginisation which contains dangerous and/or helpful anomalies in secret facilities around the world, They protect mankind from these anomalies and make sure they do not escape. SCP stands for; Secure, Contain, Protect. These anomalies are called SCP's because they need special containment procedures.


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Very Underdetailed just says the foundation is a secret GOI did not explain whats its intentions are did not explain the GOIs well what is their intentions etc  Did not explained how to convert GOIs and anomalies into Sigma-66 or Omega-12 and I have been denied with extreme detail I dont think they will let you in


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-1 Haven't really seen you before but looking at the what the other people said, I have a bad feeling that you could do some non funny with the current relations.

But there always is a new chance improve yourself on the server and then you'll get a +1 from me.

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As you contacted me personally on this one first, I wanted to let community feedback accrue for a while before making my verdict. Having said this, combined with what I myself have seen, I will be denying you for now and saying that you need to spend more time on the DoEAA job and also mature a bit more before I accept you. Please reapply after 2 weeks.

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